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Earlier this week I picked up a bottle of this product as the company has a good rep and I had been wanting to give them a shot.8.50 for a 16 oz bottle of pretty blue liquid.Upon getting back in my vehicle I opened the bottle I took a sniff---a little AV vibe and a spicy finish(not old spice though).Not bad.I put a little on the inside on my wrists and rubbed it in.Interesting.Then it went down hill from there.I like an a/s that has some staying power within 10 minutes the scent was 90% gone and what was left projected maybe an inch off the skin.So it may work for those who like that type of a/s.

The next morning  I shaved and applied  a bit  of the splash to my  face and beard.I had a good shave so there was no burn.Upon reflection the scent is a bit reminiscent of Lustray Blue Spice without the baby powder finish or the "Blue Steel" mix of AV and Florida Water .It did not seem to be very conditioning so I added a squirt  of glycerin and shook well.That helped a bit.

In short I doubt I will buy another bottle and may put this in my guest bathroom.It simply is an underwhelming product.I may experiment with it as a blend component.

my 2 cents.....

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