03-17-2015, 05:54 AM
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I was fortunate enough to pick-up a pre-owned Ikon DLC OC with Bulldog handle from a gent on the Swap Shop forum and could not be more pleased with the razor.  The quality is superb and the finish is nearly flawless throughout.  For a first shave, I loaded a Voskhod blade and the results were a DFS+ with no burn or nicks at all.  Interestingly, the OC base plate seems to be quite mild and very forgiving - easily as mild as my ED DE89L.  The operative word there is 'seems'.  I have read descriptions of razors as aggressive and also as efficient.  IMHO, efficiency is probably a better method of measuring.  This IKON is a very efficient razor and works well with in allowing the blade to do the work.  Since this head combination does such a good job of working in smooth harmony with the blade, the result is that it is an efficient design that feels mild yet delivers a very close and desirable shave.  A clear winner in my book!  

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 03-17-2015, 07:35 AM
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Nice score!  Good to hear your enjoying your new Ikon.  I just picked up the 101 head and was really impressed by the shave from it.  Extremely smooth and it worked out very well to use the oc side (which feels a tad less aggressive) on my neck and under my nose, and the solid bar side on the sides of my face.  Its going to be a great razor to use for everyday shaving. I enjoyed the 101 so much I then ventured out to find an All Stainless Steel OSS head, I was lucky and found one, it is used as well but I couldnt pass on it.  Im hoping it will make it here later this week.  The 101 was the first Ikon razor I had used and was really impressed with the quality of the razor, Im now regretting not trying Ikon razors sooner.  

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