03-19-2015, 03:20 AM
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[Image: k75ISd4.jpg]I can't rate Maggards Shave Oils enough. I have used many oils and these guys come out on top. They are light and not gloopy and thick and have great scents. If your not into scents then there is an unscented version. They are well priced and well packaged. So I have three, Sweet orange, Grapefruit and Cherry, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Sweet Orange, a light orange scent, similar to orange smarties. Very nice and goes with nearly all citrus scented soaps.

Grapefruit, similar to the orange but not so sweet, sharper and more pronounced. Bare in mind Orange and Grapefruit are very similar fruits. You often hear Japanese Grapefruit (Yuzu) described as having an orange scent.

Cherry, Sandalwood and Vanilla, predominantly Cherry with subtle hints of Sandalwood and Vanilla. Quite a sweet scent but that's why I wanted it. I love sweet soaps such as, Almond, Chocolate and other creamy scents and it's hard to find a sweet oil to compliment those soaps. This one is a winner.

If your not an oil lover try this one 3-5 drops will really protect your face and add a new element to your shave.

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