06-08-2012, 02:04 PM
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Hi All,

I would like to announce new soaps and refills from Tcheon Fung Sing that we will receive from June 15th.

The soaps most of you already know, will come with more intense aroma (TFS Bergamotto Neroli, TFS Tabacco Verde, TFS Sandalo Boise). Another soap we already had was the TFS Cuore di Lavanda, which is best suited for sensitive skin, due to the hazelnut oil. But besides these four, we will offer four new scents:

TFS "Freschezza Polare", a new fresh scent, based on eucalypt and "green herbs".
[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___4fd10298d815e.jpg]
Freschezza Polare

TFS "Cannella e Arancia Amaro", with cinnamon and bitter orange, a whole new scent, that may give you a nice shave, even with a light sunburn.
[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___4fceed5a205fe.jpg]
Cannella e Arancia Amaro

TFS "Mandarino e Spezie", with Mandarin and spicy scents.
[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___4fd0feef9caad.jpg]
Mandarino e Spezie

And the TFS "Zagara e Gelsomino", with the scent of Orange blossom and Jasmin.
[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___4fd104c980ac5.jpg]
Zagara e Gelsomino

All the pictures are of the luxury jar and the totally new refill. The refills come at lower prices and are just the soaps (100 ml) in a convenient plastic container.

We do have a special offer for the combined purchase of a luxury jar and the refill together, where the price of the refill is reduced by 40% ($ 3.75 to $ 4.10 after discount, without VAT) This is also available for those that bought a luxury jar (100 or 150 ml) before. (please indicate on your order, the discount will be applied on the invoice. It is not calculated on the site). The offer for the combined luxury jar + Refill or the reduced price of the refill will last until June 30th.
Basically, we now will have 8 TFS scents, all availabale in luxury jar, luxury jar + refill and just the refill. Whenever it's not clear, just give us a PM here or a mail directly.

Also available from June 15th will be the new and heavier TFS BN sapone dure, that now weighs (about) 125 grams. The scent of this hard soap is also more intense than the previous ones.
[Image: TFS_Scheerzeep___4fd0f3c1bff70.jpg]
Bergamotto Neroli intenso dure

Please use Euros during checkout! The US$ vs Euro-conversion is now at 1,25. The VAT is at 19%, so prices in Euro are actually not that far from the price in US$ after VAT-deduction.

I hope the new scents appeal to you and please feel welcome to get more info on our site! Direct Link to the TFS-products: http://www.barbieredifigaro.nl/index.php...2=&lang=en



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 06-14-2012, 01:41 PM
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We have almost received all the new TFS-soaps and refills and will start getting the pre-orders together and out to the post-office.

Meanwhile, we got some new blades, that I think were only available in Italy until recently. They come in packs of three and are mostly used by Italian barbieri. One brand is Morris and the name of the other is not what I would have thought of when picking a name for a very sharp blade, but it's called "Softi".

To add, we have some other accessories like a stick per barba (Alum stick) and a cheaper version of the alum block round without logo.

Also, for those interested in a real Dutch shaving soap, we have reduced our "De Vergulde Hand" prices.

And from next week, we will also have the all new all vintage-look barberstyle Proraso pre e dopo 300 ml.

And, to add to all the goodies and new things, also a product that is no longer made: the Irisch Moos sticks.

[Image: Irish_Moos_Schee_4df143f10e319.jpg]


[Image: Scheermesjes_Sof_4fd590ce82ad9.jpg]


[Image: Proraso_pre_e_do_4fd610b26794f.jpg]

We still have very limited supplies of the old Proraso pre e dopo 100 and 500ml and for thise who don't want to be without the old formula, also the 500ml shaving cream in the old tube.


[Image: De_Vergulde_Hand_4b2cd74b340ff.jpg]
This one, De Vergulde Hand "Scheertablet" is a hard soap of 75 ml. that now also is available in an "Extra fresh" version.



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