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Listed prices include shipping within CONUS with tracking number.  I will ship all items on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. 

1. ATT M1 with Colossus handle - SOLD - $130.  Razor is in excellent condition but there is no box.
[Image: K4ISvu6.jpg]

2. ATT M2 with Kronos handle - SOLD - $130.  Razor is in excellent condition but there is no box.
[Image: cleknij.jpg]

[Image: 8tjRcBx.jpg]

3. Ikon B1 SE Handle with DLC open-comb head and B1 OSS plate - PENDING - $135. The OSS plate might be DLC but I can't find my receipt and from memory it is B1.  The B1 is described as a matte finish and the DLC as a shinier finish.  I don't see a great difference between the two but if you are very picky the variation might be more noticeable to you.  There is no plating loss on any of the pieces.[Image: eWFyzlm.jpg]

[Image: wdK343j.jpg]

4. Penhaligons Shaving Soap Lot - SOLD - $100.  This includes new bowl/soap of Sartorial and Bayolea.  The Bayolea box has been opened but the soap puck is still sealed.  The last bowl/puck was purchased off the BST from a seller that listed it as Sartorial.  It is not Sartorial, at least not to my nose, as I own another puck of Sartorial.  It is Blenheim Bouquet when compared with my Blenheim Bouquet cologne.  It was used a couple of times by previous owner and I have used it a couple of times.  I would estimate that at least 80% of the puck remains, if not more[Image: E0raprZ.jpg]

5. Artisan Soap Lot - $45.  All soaps are new/unused with the exception of the Mike's Lily of the Valley.  I estimate at least 80+% remains of it.  The soaps are:  Wickham Super Smooth Bay Rum; Mystic Water Sensitive (unscented); RazoRock No.888 (Eucalyptus), RazoRock R-160 & Mike's Lily of the Valley.
[Image: 0sHJsb3.jpg]

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