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Good evening gents,

I introduced myself a couple of weeks ago as a new Shave Nook Artisan. Today I am putting a few things up for sale for the first time. All prices include shipping within CONUS. I ship via USPS, Priority Mail with tracking.  I will only ship outside of the US with prior understanding and agreement with the buyer, and additional shipping charges will apply. For anyone purchasing more than one item, I will make an adjustment in the price to account for the lower shipping costs. If you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to ask. I want you to be happy with your purchase, and will refund your money if you are not satisfied, although you are responsible for return shipping. Here is what I am offering today:

Up first is a razor and brush stand. This stand was featured in my introductory post. It is almost identical to the stand that I personally use. I have made a few minor changes which make this one a bit better. It is made of Brazilian cherry. It will hold 3 razors and two brushes. Overall height is 3 15/16” and overall width 8 3/8”. Razor holes are 5/8” (~16 mm), and brush openings are 1 3/32” (~28 mm). This is assembled with through wedged mortise and tenon joints, like a piece of fine furniture. It is finished with BioPoly NT, a very low VOC oil finish that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The primary ingredient is pine resin in a citrus based solvent. 

I am offering this at a special price, as there is a “defect.” During assembly, a split developed in the base. It did not extend all the way through, but I completed it, then glued it back together with Titebond III, which is 100% waterproof and results in a glue bond stronger than the wood itself. I would defy anyone to find this crack, and could sell it without even mentioning it, but that is not the way that I do business. So, I am selling it at a reduced price, because I know it is not perfect. My regular price for this stand is $80.00, but I am offering it here for $47.00 (Please note that the stand does not include the razors or brushes shown in the first photo. Seems kind of self evident I think, but I thought I had better make it crystal clear.)

[Image: 1wDMJhj.jpg][Image: 5s3aDw8.jpg][Image: 8zLUMak.jpg][Image: Os3ngOv.jpg]

If this particular stand does not suit your needs, and you would like to have something similar, but with a different wood, different configuration for brushes, razors, etc., let me know, and I can design something to fit your needs.

Next I have a couple of nice brush restorations. The first is a “Certifyd, Trade Mark, Set in Rubber, 3, Made in U.S.A.", in maroon and cream colors. I re-knotted this with what was labeled as a “high mountain white, 21/65.” It is set at a loft of 50. I got these knots as part of a lot sale, and the seller could not recall the origin of them. They were marked, but I cannot reliably verify the type of knot, other than it is badger. That being said, it is a very nice knot with soft tips, and good backbone. I have bowl lathered it a couple of times to show the bloom, and to be sure that it isn't shedding. I have not actually used it. Overall height is almost 5 inches. $40.00

[Image: yW7SQ2v.jpg][Image: nVkxZqm.jpg]

The second brush is unmarked, although there is some partial, very faint lettering on the base. I can make out “Made in USA”, but that's about it. This also has a high mountain white knot from the same batch as the previous brush. This one is 22/65, and also set at a loft of 50. Overall height is 4”. The base of the handle is Bakelite. I also bowl lathered this a couple of times for the same reasons as stated above. A great looking vintage brush, and I really like the color combination. $45.00

Finally, I have two DE razors that have been cleaned manually and in an ultrasonic cleaner, then carefully polished, then sanitized. I have carefully checked these razors for even blade gaps, and smooth operation. The first is a Schick Krona. The Krona is a very nice, mild shaver. Admittedly, a shameless knock off of the Gillette Super Speed, it is nonetheless a very nice razor. This particular one has the plastic TTO knob, and “Schick Krona” printed on the doors. Plating is 100% intact, and the razor looks nearly new. Blade gaps are even (.025” all around). There is nothing that needs to be done when you get this razor, other than start shaving. $27.00.

[Image: c14rYrU.jpg][Image: NEeCxFK.jpg]

The second razor is a Gillette Slim Adjustable, H1, 1962. This razor has been totally dis-assembled, cleaned manually and ultrasonically, numbers repainted, re-assembled, and sanitized. It operates perfectly. Blade gaps are even (~.030” on setting 5). There is a very small amount of brassing on the handle knurling, but otherwise the plating is in great shape. This razor is ready to start shaving right out of the box. $46.00.

Please ask any questions before deciding to purchase. I can supply additional photos if desired, just let me know. Finally, I will be offering some of my own brushes shortly, so stay tuned. Thanks for looking.


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