03-24-2015, 11:12 AM
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Think of this as a Spring Cleaning. I have posted most of my brushes in another thread. These are the DE and SE razors I have for sale. 

Please let me know if my prices are out of whack. 

Payment is to be by Paypal. 

3) Gillette NEW Deluxe Criterion Set - $80 $70shipped US (left)
    In great shape with a crack in the handle.

4) Gillette NEW Deluxe Jade Lady Set - $70 $60 shipped US (right)
   Perfect handle with some plating loss on the head. 

[Image: IMG_20150324_134636.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_134603.jpg]

5) ABC Gillette set - $100 $90 shipped US 
In perfect shape. The case is silver plated (tarnished) and the razor is in superb shape, with no plating loss.

[Image: IMG_20150324_134303.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_134328.jpg]

7) Feather Portable full set - $60 $50 shipped US
This is the stainless steel Feather Portable set. It is more aggressive than it looks, and it is a great match with the Feather blades. The set is in great shape. 

[Image: IMG_20150324_134856.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_134938.jpg]

9) Cased Apollo 2-piece + CADET razor (middle 3rd pic) - $30 shipped US
This is a nice shaver - a bit more aggressive than a Merkur HD. This razor has condition issues, with the head cap missing a post and a corner (reflected in the price). It is perfectly usable as-is, but you can also use a Gillette Old-Type head cap with it.

[Image: IMG_20150324_135328.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_135342.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_134444.jpg]


11) Gillette Single-Ring - $30 $25 shipped US (Second from left)
It's in good shape, with some minor plating loss on the head. 

[Image: IMG_20150324_135037.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20150324_135052.jpg]

17+18) Wilkinson Sticky + Slim twist - $35 shipped US (bottom left)
Sticky works well, but has a (stable) crack under the head.  

20) Unknown British-made bakelite razor. - $30 25 shipped US (Bottom right)
A nice shaver, and a cool example of a war time razor. 

[Image: IMG_20150324_135301.jpg]

[Image: temporary-106.jpg]



SOLD!! 1) Fasan OC Double Slant - $60 shipped US
This is a bakelite Fasan Slant that's in pretty nice shape. It has the dot on the head-cap, indicating that it's a 'double slant' with a little more aggressiveness than the regular Fasan OC slant. The Bakelite makes it a bit more substantial than the plastic ones. It comes in a leather case. 
[Image: IMG_20150324_142534.jpg]
SOLD!! 2) Merkur Vision 2000 - full set - $100 shipped US

This is a pristine Merkur Vision in the box. All the papers, etc. are included. This is one of my favourite shavers.
[Image: IMG_20150324_134738.jpg]

SOLD!! 16) RazoRock OC razor - $10 shipped US
This is in perfect shape

SOLD!! 6) ABC Gillette - $60 shipped US 

No set and the handle and head have lost plating. However, it has the rarer head type with the wider teeth. 

SOLD!! 12) Gillette Bulldog OC - $50 shipped US (Third from left)

It's in nice shape, with some plating loss on the head. 

SOLD!! 22) Kampfe Brothers Cru-Steel lather catcher with custom handle - $45 shipped US

This is a perfect Star Cru-Steel head with a custom wooden handle. Beautiful razor that will work well with modern SE blades. 

[Image: IMG_20150324_135441.jpg]

SOLD!! 14) NYSC Mariner - $20 shipped US

In perfect shape. This is a medium-aggressive razor. 

TRADED!! 8) Rotbart razor (boxed) - $40 shipped US

Razor and box are in lovely shape. The razor is pretty efficient and is medium-aggressive. A smooth shaver. 

TRADED!! 10) Gillette New Improved Big Fellow - $70 shipped US (First from left)

This is a great razor with a wonderful balance. Medium aggressive, and a nice hefty build. 

TRADED!! 19) Apollo 3-piece - $45 shipped US (Top right)

This is in lovely shape. Beautiful weighted bakelite handle, and perfect head.

TRADED!! 21) Feather Popular and Maggard razor - $20 for both. 

Both are in great shape. The Maggard is slightly more aggressive than the Feather.

SOLD!! 13) Gillette Old Type with unknown handle - $10 shipped US

The head is perfect, and the handle has some nice heft. 

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 03-24-2015, 11:30 AM
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Pm'ed you about the Bulldog and single ABC razor Smile

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 03-24-2015, 11:44 AM
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PM Sent on Fasan. 


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 03-24-2015, 11:59 AM
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Excellent prices! Glwts. Wish i could contribute

From my Tab through the Tap

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 03-24-2015, 02:18 PM
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Great razors at awesome prices, Yohann!


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 03-26-2015, 10:32 AM
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All the items that have been bought (as of Thursday morning) have been shipped. I wanted to apologize for the delay, but I was too late to drop them off at the PO yesterday. 

If you bought an item and haven't received a tracking #, please PM me for one. 


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 04-03-2015, 10:15 AM
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BUMP before these are withdrawn. 

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 04-05-2015, 03:15 AM
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CLOSED!! Please archive. 

Thanks to the Nook and everyone who bought a razor. I hope you guys like them. 

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