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Cattaraugus Full Hollow Bellied 6/8. These don't pop up often so grab it while you can! Shave ready. $100 shipped CONUS

***SOLD***Dovo Palisander 13/16 (advertised as 6/8) limited edition from the Superior Shave. Gorgeous shoulderless flowing design with beautiful wood scales. Shave ready. $150 shipped CONUS

[Image: 1c35602ddfae31b1b8e46c97bc562b0a.jpg]

[Image: 94566e5f78e68afcb8877e9a115170bf.jpg]

[Image: fe83a5fcd436a9d86f8576e18125dc34.jpg]

[Image: 4a4532c52a2dae9af69162a424bc7de3.jpg]

[Image: aeb31329aff9c2fa48ba3d04dc1fa7e2.jpg]

[Image: 53c1d4f952b1203eed7c7933f1f1440a.jpg]

[Image: 207dca68fbd0e49b403045121318e853.jpg]

[Image: 0566671a57a898ae3125b49401878607.jpg]

[Image: 7be10665fd76b1db4295196285e0303a.jpg]

[Image: 94bf9501b3daa9b8484a5198a3374fb4.jpg]

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