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I thought I would share my thoughts on Soapy Bathmans soap as it is not often mentioned. I believe that it is a great product that deserves to be discovered Smile !

Soapy Bathmans Lumberjack soap & balm review

Packaging - Soap 3/5 (old) ~ 4/5 (new) - Balm 3/5
These soaps are packaged in a solid, thick walled plastic jar with a screw on lid. Seems to be a popular choice amongst artisans (SB, CB, Maggards etc...) And it is popular for a reason. They work. Plenty of surface area to get a good load and there's no risk of rusting like with these metal tins. The container itself has enough space to include a good sized logo which is also nice. Talking about logos, I really like what SB did with their new one. They look sharp and professional. Great work there ! And as for the packaging on the balm, it's nothing fancy but again, it works great

Scents - 4/5
I've tried or at least sniffed the majority of SB's offering, either through friends or samples and let me tell you something, his scents are killer. You get a lot of choices, from all the scent profiles (Earthy, sweet, spicy, woodsy, cologne-like etc...) and the scents are all strong and bold. This particular soap ''Lumberjack'' smells like walking into a forest. Upon opening the tub, you are greeted with heavy notes of pine and cedarwood. Then comes fresh notes of eucalyptus with an earthy vibe lingering in the background. An amazing scent. Rich and complex.

Lather - 4/5
Soapy Bathman's lather is different from what i'm used to in terms of lather. It's not your typical artisan's greek creamy and thick yogurt consistency like B&M, CB, Tiki etc.., so I had to play around with the soap to get to know what kind of lather it produced. I found that it produces a ''gooey'' type of lather, a bit like what you would get from I Coloniali's shaving soap. The lather was super slick and protected my skin quite well. I never got any signs of irritation even while using my more aggressive razors. I think SB would be well suited for straight razor shavers as well since the lather is really slick. Loved the perfomance !

Post shave/Face care - Soap 3/5 ~ Balm 5/5
The only ''flaw'' that I could see with this soap would be the post shave. Now, I'm not saying that the post shave is bad and that it'll leave your face dried out etc... All I'm saying is that it might not be as moisturizing as some other soaps out there. But to be honest, it's a non issue. Why ? Because his balm is outrageously good ! It just threw most of my favorite balms out the window. My face feels hydrated, smooth and soft, just as if I had never shaved. It is not greasy or oily, it's absorbed quickly and makes you feel like a million bucks ! I'm not kidding here, it's that good. The scent will also stay with you for a couple of hours after the shave. You owe it to yourself to try some of his balm !

Value - 5/5
It doesn't get much better then this in terms of value. 20$ for 8 oz of soap is an amazing deal. What's even better ? It's 20 CANADIAN dollars Smile . Same for his balm, 10$ CAD for 125ml/4oz is ridiculous. Soapy Bathman might very well be the best price/quantity ratio of all artisans !

Overall experience - 4.5/5
Soapy Bathman offers great products, at a great price. I'm more than pleased with my purchase and have already ordered some more scents. I would highly recommend giving Soapy Bathman a try if you havent already. And again, give the balm a shot ! Oh, and while you're there, pick up some of his shampoo bars ! Wonderful stuff as well  Biggrin  !

Thanks a lot gents 

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 03-30-2015, 12:44 PM
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Thanks for this.  I've been sitting on the fence about Desperado and Cigar Lounge for a while now.  I keep reading the same handful of reviews.  Some couple reviews on TSD were so-so on the performance.  This post is nudging it back to the "might try" category.

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 04-02-2015, 12:41 PM
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Good Review!
I used a sample of Soapy Bathman - Crisp Bay Rum today for the first time. I ekpt expecting the lather to create voluminous mounds of thick creamy lather, but it just would not. I found that the lather is quite slick and protective and led to a great shave.

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 11-01-2015, 02:15 PM
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I purchased Fall at the Cabin with the matching aftershave balm. It is my go-to fall / winter scent. I am very pleased with his products.

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 11-01-2015, 07:58 PM
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love his soaps. the prices are in canadian on his own site? his shipping is very high so i try to get it from other sites. 18$ to ship 3 soaps is a bit much imo

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