03-29-2015, 09:27 AM
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Scuttle will be $25 plus calculated shipping. It is a g12 with some yellow spots on the bottom.

Shipping for everything else will be $5 per package. I just ask that you buy at least two items since this is some cheaper stuff. Seifenglatt soap sticks will go to my first purchase over $40.

Gillete new some staining under the cap may come off with some scrubbing. Staining on the handle is probably set in. $20
WSP Rustic soaps $5 each both used once or twice
Dapper Dragon used once blood orange $7
Seifenglatt lemon verbena used 1x $10
RR s Maria used once $6
Institute Karite used 3x $7
Valeiro and herbs of Bulgaria used a few times each $8
Gft used 2x $10
Spanish Leather used 2x $10

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