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There is a new player in grooming.

These guys come from Italy, and works a particular stone: Slate.
Normally It is not suitable for sharpening.
This type, however, is processed to achieve the right grit.
It is particularly for one detail: two different processes.
This produces a very interesting combo.
On the coarse, with slurry is reached 1-5k ... good to set the bevel.
On the side end, with water, the natural fineness of this natural stone allows a great 8-9k.

A small video by the spokesman Max (aka Vicio72 @ ilRasoio) is the best advertising.

Of slate will be also produced various other products: brushes, bowls, handles, supports ... and everything that comes to mind.
Regarding NALS products already are the subject of a collaboration "Made in Italy" with Saponificio Varesino.

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