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Hi all,

I have reached that point in my hoarding cycle where I look at all of the things I have accumulated and feel a moral urge to eliminate some excess. Please help me in this endeavor. All prices include domestic (US) shipping. The soap/cream lots will ship Priority, as I plan to put them in a medium sized flat rate box. The others will likely ship First Class, otherwise Priority. I accept payment via Paypal.

First up, the brushes:

SOLD Thäter 4125/2, black octagonal handle (aka "Stout") - I purchased this brush from Bullgoose about a year ago. It has seen light use, but none in the last 7-8 months. It never shed a hair, and the knot is classic Thäter perfection. $80

SOLD Simpson Tulip 3 in 2-band Super - I purchased this brush used from a shaving forum member. He had used it sparingly, me too. It has not shed a single hair for me. The knot is set at a 57-58mm loft, and at this height, the third band shows. I love the handle, but have several other brushes with very similar knot dimensions. I do not have a box for it. $100

eShave Fine Badger - this was the first shaving brush I purchased, nearly ten years ago. It has seen little use, mainly because I didn't use a brush for a good portion of the last ten years. The knot measures 21mm x 52mm. The hair is remarkably similar to the hair in my B&B group buy Eagle G3 Best, with somewhat yellowish-orange tips that are extremely soft. This makes a particularly good brush for lathering creams in a bowl. $35

SOLD Vie Long 13061 horse hair brush. I see Phil lists this as "Zurito" on his website now, where I originally purchased this brush. $15

[Image: JuneSale4.jpg]

Next, the razors:

SOLD Wilkinson "Sticky" - This razor is in perfect working condition. There are no cracks, scratches, or plating defects. The end caps are intact. Blades seat evenly and tightly. The only minor complaints with it are some water spots on the silo doors, which are very accentuated in the photo attached. This is not how they appear on the bathroom counter. I never had the case with this - I always intended this razor for use. $75

SOLD Gillette Bostonian - The razor is mechanically sound. There is a stable hairline crack in the handle that does not affect the function of the razor. The teeth are perfectly aligned. The outermost teeth on both sides have some plate loss. The metal case works as it should (open it, and it lifts up the razor) and the blade holder is included. $40

[Image: JuneSale3.jpg]

[Image: JuneSale1.jpg]

[Image: JuneSale2.jpg]

Next, the soap lots. You will see soaps that I have milled into 4" diameter tins from the Container Store. This is a great way to give yourself more surface area for lathering and save money on the wooden dish. The weights for the soaps in the tins is the soap only - I tared for the weight of the empty dish. Also, the barber pole blade bank in the picture with the brushes will go to the first person who asks for it with their purchase of one of the three lots.

Lot 1 includes lightly used pucks of Floris 89 (the formula before the most recent formulation - no tallow), Joris in tin, and AOS lemon. The Joris weighs 118 grams. The Floris includes original packaging and wooden dish. The AOS lemon includes the dish. Two packs of Astras are included. $50

[Image: JuneSale7.jpg]

Lot 2 includes lightly used pucks of Trumper Sandalwood in bowl, Crabtree & Evelyn Siena and Nomad in tins (118 and 110 grams, respectively), l'Occitane Cade in tin (117 grams), and D.R. Harris Marlborough stick. Included are two packs of Voskhods. $50

[Image: JuneSale6.jpg]

SOLD Lot 3 is a cream lot including Tabula Rasa "Creme", Speick, Body Shop Maca Root, Top Secret, Kiss My Face unscented, Valobra Menthol soft soap in tin (125 grams), Nancy Boy Blossomwood travel size (used twice), and two packs of blades as pictured. The Tabula Rasa has had about 15% of it scooped out - I have not put a wet brush in it. The "Creme" is a light scent that is hard to describe but very pleasant. The Top Secret was used twice, as was the KMF. The Speick probably has about 50-60% left in it, and the Body Shop about 80%. $35

[Image: JuneSale8.jpg]

And, last but certainly not least, as your reward for wading through this listing, I am offering up my cache of vintage Yardley shaving soap. Each of these soaps is unused. The scent is pretty much gone from all of them except the one in the wood cylinder (far right in the photo). Some scent may come back when lathered, but there's no guarantee. One of the bowls is still wrapped in cellophane. I am asking $60 for the unopened bowl, $50 for each of the opened but unused bowls (the wood cylinder on the right really isn't a bowl).

[Image: JuneSale5.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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 06-09-2012, 11:23 AM
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Oh boy...what a great sale!

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 06-09-2012, 11:30 AM
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PM sent on Sticky.

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 06-09-2012, 12:06 PM
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Backup on yardley

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 06-09-2012, 04:27 PM
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I'd like to buy the barber pole blade bank if you would consider it...

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 06-09-2012, 04:43 PM
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Can't find a Tardis Ben?

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 06-09-2012, 05:47 PM
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This is a great sale. Better deals than most I've seen. I'm so tempted to buy the Simpson Tulip, but I bought the Sticky already.

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 06-10-2012, 03:19 AM
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A great offering of shave goodies for sale.

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 06-10-2012, 09:02 AM
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Dang Andrew, nice sales! Wish I hadn't been so busy this weekend - the Yardley! Well done!!

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 06-10-2012, 10:55 AM
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A member requested more photos of the Tulip, so I am sharing them here:

[Image: Tulip2.jpg]

[Image: Tulip3.jpg]

[Image: Tulip1.jpg]

This should give an idea of the relatively large size of this brush. The one next to the Tulip is a Chubby 2.

[Image: Tulip4.jpg]

And next to a size 12 Plisson (yes, the white balance is off):

[Image: Plisson%2520%2526%2520Tulip.jpg]

Thanks for looking.

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