05-13-2015, 07:34 PM
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Shipping from western WI is ok. I do drop the box in the mail outside the PO to assure they get it. Some stores here have USPS drop offs. Now getting one to a neighbor is a bear. The package goes to MN. and then to Milwaukee or Madison, then to here.
I have had tracked packages ""Delivered and signed for"" in Houston that never arrived though the recipient was in the building at the date and time the package was "Signed For.".
But like was said, weakest link... have to hire the useless to be a good USPs and meet Federal Mandates!
Still, we have about the best system, at low cost, not best people, in the world.

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 05-13-2015, 08:06 PM
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My road has no through traffic (cul-de-sac at the end) so I can always see when the mail courier comes by and walk down my driveway to get any packages without them having to pull in my drive.  Well a while back I had a package coming that had to be signed for so I watched the tracking to make sure that I was home on the expected delivery day.  I saw the courier go by that morning so I walked down the driveway and stood about 15 feet from my mailbox. The courier pulls up to my mailbox,opens the door,tosses an orange "Sorry we missed you card" in and closes the door and drives off.  I grabbed the card and jogged down my road knowing I could catch her because her next road from mine is a dead-end and she would have to pass back by my road. I was holding the card up in the air and asked her "what is this" when she pulls up and she says "I'm sorry I was just confused". Huh     I said "you're not confused,you are just not doing your job".   What REALLY mad me mad was not only did she not attempt to deliver my package,but she had already completely filled out all the info on the card before she even pulled up and tossed it in my mailbox.  She said that the route was too long and she couldn't finish all of it. But it was 10am Doubt 

She gave me my package and I told her that I was going to call in and see if they could get her some help on my route since it wasn't working out for her.

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 05-13-2015, 09:23 PM
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Good grief, Tim! I am glad you got your package! I have never encountered anything parallel with Canada Post. 

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 08-09-2015, 10:27 PM
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I knew I wouldn't have to create this thread….

Well, in all honesty, I usually am happy with the service that USPS gives.  Reasonable prices and mostly reliable service.

But today is another day... I ordered something on Friday with USPS Express (1-day/overnight shipping), and the package arrived at the local center the next morning Saturday at 7:38am… and so they had all day to deliver it… but they didn't… it just sat at that facility all day long… no other scanning updates.  

So, with it being the weekend, not only didn't I get it on Saturday (the day I wanted it, and paid more for that to happen), but I also didn't get it on Sunday….. and I need to wait until Monday.

What is the point of expedited service if you don't get the expedited part?
And when I want to call and scream at someone…. why do I get an automated service????

[All this said, I REALLLLLLY HATE FEDEX BECAUSE THEY ARE TWICE AS EXPENSIVE AND FOUR TIMES AS UNRELIABLE.  So I guess overall you're still ok in my book USPS.  Just don't make it a habit!]

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 08-10-2015, 01:50 AM
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Fed Ex is the best in my experience. I have never liked USPS, especially the lack of customer service at the locations in my city.

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