04-01-2015, 07:24 AM
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This morning I threw all my soaps in the bin.  

Last night on a whim I shaved with an old can of goo I found in my travel bag and I couldn't believe the results.  The lather was thick, the cushion was as great as any tallow soap, and the glide was as slick as snot.  Post shave felt amazing and my wife even commented on the scent!

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 04-01-2015, 07:27 AM
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And a happy April Fool's Day to you too... Biggrin

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 04-01-2015, 07:28 AM
  • Johnny
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Well, whatever floats your boat.  Or in other words, YMMV.

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 04-01-2015, 07:29 AM
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well done!

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 04-01-2015, 07:34 AM
  • Agravic
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Strong work. Winky

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 04-01-2015, 07:43 AM
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[Image: KDYs4Si.jpg?1]

Damn, I didn't have anyone going even for a second.

Ah well, at least I'm still just clever enough to trick my kids.  To apologize for swapping my daughter's pink water bottle in to my son's lunch I gave them a bunch of sweets....  which were actually carrot sticks in sweets wrappers.   muhahahah!

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 04-01-2015, 08:35 AM
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You should have tried this, two days ago! Biggrin

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 04-01-2015, 09:24 AM
  • Lando
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You punk'd the kids! 

You did have me going for maybe one second.  didn't know April fools day was "celebrated" outside the US

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