04-01-2015, 05:51 PM
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Shave Bundle:

Elite Razor Lignum Vitae Wood Brush with TGN 2-Band 24mm knot set at 52mm. It's almost broken in. Only 10 shaves on this one.

1940's No Date Code SuperSpeed. Shaves great. I'd say it's above user grade.

Yuma Aluminum Razor. This thing is light, mild, and sort of a novelty razor.

$80 includes CONUS shipping

The brush alone is $97. If you want to message me an offer, feel free. I'll also include an extra something good to whoever buys this!

[Image: 9030777280153fc309c5412bfc51dff6.jpg]
[Image: 9f597f0a65a3ae06d3f1050cd2c8302e.jpg]
[Image: 8fdc8e0acdb6d6186b9be86089b86188.jpg]
[Image: 075d5fe60b6c6b9641a6852f33da3097.jpg]
[Image: ef1295ba5686a67a52a8eeb52da919b5.jpg]
[Image: c0b41202540712c5f37e298dfac381d6.jpg]
[Image: 6f38fb32f2c54adb0431047fb16540c0.jpg]
[Image: b97a9ac777bb2d642b1cde17d717497b.jpg]
[Image: dcb5582b489bc53cde1f8df417d56ebc.jpg]


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