04-02-2015, 05:20 PM
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the vulfix #41...just curious as to what your thoughts are on this brush

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 04-02-2015, 07:07 PM
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An excellent and underrated large brush. Most vendors carry it in Super, which is the same as Simpson Best. The Superior Shave carries it in Silvertip, which is the same as Simpson Super. The 41 does not have the density of a Simpson. While it is not a brush for those who look for a lot of backbone, I do not find it to be floppy. It's a big, soft brush with a luxurious feel.

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 04-03-2015, 03:54 AM
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I used to have one and liked it better than a Chubby 2 which I believe is its closest analogue. My issue traditionally is its density; sometimes it would feel like trying face lather with a gigantic eraser. The 41 is less dense but still with plenty of backbone. It's not like Vulfix's other brushes like the 223X series which to me are the very definition of floppiness. I think the knot is set deeper in the 41 which keeps it from splaying out a lot and being floppy. I sold mine because I prefer much smaller brushes but if you find the Chubby 2 to be unwieldy but like its dimensions, the 41 is a good alternative. I believe there is a Massdrop deal going on right now.

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