04-04-2015, 10:14 AM
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Not my recipe. I call it Lynnes coffee, I don't know if it's original or if she got it from somewhere.

It results in a very nicely balanced cup of coffee with great flavor. Maybe not fast enough for a morning cup, but I never drink coffee in the morning anymore. I only have a more deliberate cup on Saturday afternoon.

Lynne's Sous Vide Coffee

14 g of ground coffee

1.75 C of water
Mix in Mason jar.

SV for 1 hour @ 185 F.

Strain out the grounds.

Brian's note: I tried it at 190°F and the result was still very good. I also made it in a baggie.

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 05-09-2015, 11:47 AM
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I've made the SV coffee a number of times and it's a keeper. As often as I drink coffee, my SV circulator is the only coffee "maker" that I need.

Off topic of the thread, but I made 20 SousVide flatiron steaks yesterday and they went into the freezer last night. Since they are fully cooked, when we want steaks, it's just a matter of warming them up for an hour in the 129°F SV bath, dunk them with the browning solution and then torch them and chow down. There is no loss of quality when this is done. High end cooking gets no easier than that. Guests love the things and I get to cook with a torch; a sort of mad scientist type of operation.

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