04-07-2015, 07:27 PM
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I need a new motorbike then decide to sell some items to feed the devil inside me, Harley Davidson

First, shipping prices from belgium to USA are 30$ with tracking & insurance OR 18$ without tracking & insurance, your choice.

Chubby 2 super badger Somerset, 27/51 knot, lil crack on the handle but stable and can be fix with epoxy if you decide : 200$ [Sold]
Chubby 1 2 bands, 24/49 two bands loft, sterling silver handle : 650$ [Sold]
Mongoose B2 head mirror polished with Ikon SE handle : 160$ ( picture to come, I'm not at home and no pics here but it's in perfect condition) with a box of feather pro blades & proguards) This is the one on the wolfman handle but i sell it with the Ikon SE handle. [sold]

[Image: t2fgSmN.jpg]
[Image: BYDhmZ4.jpg]
[Image: vR3PYzR.jpg]
[Image: KSxa5do.jpg]
[Image: 1RYQovm.jpg]

Thanks for looking


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 04-08-2015, 03:39 AM
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I'll take the mongoose please pm your paypal! 

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 04-08-2015, 02:21 PM
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Sterling handles don't show up very often. Congrats to the new owner!

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