04-09-2015, 05:04 AM
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I was going through my cabinet last night and found some items that I just don't use anymore.  No reason in keeping them around and moving them next month.

SOLD "Post-WWII" gold Gillette Tech.  It is in really good shape, I just prefer the "pre-WWII" Techs more. - $10 shipped in the US Reduced $8 SOLD

SOLD - A 40's Gillette SuperSpeed with the red case.  Some flea bites in the knurling on the handle, otherwise decent plating left on the head.  The silo doors also work well and are straight.  The case is in good condition, there are a few scratches on the plastic, but given the age it's in good shape.  I bought this with the intention of having it replated, but didn't like the SS over my beloved Techs. - $20 shipped in the US. SOLD

SOLD - Pre de Provence and Savon A Barbe.  Two really nice shea butter French soaps, I just don't like the scents.  I've tried to like them, that is why they are probably 1/4 the way gone.  Each one has roughly 3/4 of the product left. - $7 shipped in the US ($4 if bought with either of the razors above).  SOLD

I would be willing to trade anything above, +/- cash if needed, for the following:
- Myrsol Balsamic Water
- Any "Pre-WWII" (triangle slots) Gillette Techs

[Image: crRr00Z.jpg]

[Image: yxEdXyI.jpg]

[Image: O1JcJjL.jpg]

[Image: 56XSTOq.jpg]

[Image: 9uZ33km.jpg]

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 04-09-2015, 06:33 AM
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I'll take the soaps! Thanks PMing

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