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Cornerstone is a UK razor subscription start up. 

https://www.cornerstone.co.uk/reddit (The code for a £10.00 discount is REDDIT)

Where did the idea for Cornerstone come from?

"I've never found shaving particularly enjoyable - it's always given me cuts and skin irritation, and the cost of razor blades is far too high! I was stood in Boots one day, queuing up in a hot, busy shop to pay over the odds for a product that was going to hurt my face and I just thought, there must be a better way to do this" - Oliver Bridge, founder.

I won't say he read about Harry's and decided to copy the format  Dodgy 

I don't get the subscriprion formula, it's simply cheaper to buy Grocery or Drug store private labels version of Croma's, Personna's and Dorco's.

Cornerstone has flooded the internet with promotion codes, so a new aluminum razor with five 5 bladed carts with your initials engraved is only £4.00 GBP Sterling.This is a lot less than the Harry's engraving promotion. The razor blades are the standard Croma's (or licensed copies) which are available in Lidl's stores in Europe.

The razor and blades arrived in a big box meant for the full range or gift set, which is a waste of resources. There are a few Harry copy cats, or that use Croma licensed technology such as Close Shave Society, Pound Shave Club and Shave Club UK strangely in the UK. Razor World, Kogan and Oscar in Australia. Cornerstone is a blatant copy of Harry's from packaging, formula and website (so is Oscar Razor in Australia)

The razor is aluminum, but I feel disappointed, yes I know it only cost me four pounds, but Harry's, Standard razor, Razor Rock, and possibly Bevel have done something nice with aluminum. And it could have been a Wilkinson Sword Royale or Atra Metal for the twenty first century. The representation was better on the website.

This razor could have been something special, but it wasn't... 

[Image: j39IQzn.jpg]

[Image: Cornerstone_Razor1.jpg?resize=500%2C1206]

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 04-11-2015, 08:17 AM
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It does look like the Standard a la cartridge. The big push is toward aluminum as it is cheaper then stainless steel and generally won't rust. I used a Harrys a while back and was not impressed.

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