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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to thin the ever growing den. This is all the hardware I haven't touched in a few months. All prices are in USD (if you're a Canadian and would prefer to buy in CAD, PM me). All prices include US and Canadian shipping. If you'd like tracking please add $5 to the total. If you're international and would like to purchase something please add $7.


- SOLD Rudy Vey Redwood Burl with 24x48mm Whipped Dog Silvertip in a Persian Jar shape. Great brush; there is an inclusion in the handle - see 2nd pic; it arrived to me like that and I think it's part of the wood and not damage or a ding. Asking $25 - SOLD
[Image: hBibSzJ.jpg][Image: n1GBe28.jpg][Image: IED6iI2.jpg]

- B&B Essentials Boar Silver Glitter Handle. Good brush, but i'm not a fan of boar. Asking $17
[Image: pStPddq.jpg][Image: FR9Nnj5.jpg]

- SOLD Thiers Issard Extra Large Extra Stuffed Silvertip (26x52mm). Fantastic brush, it has the densest fan knot I've ever used. Tips are super soft and the sheer volume of the knot makes provides the backbone. It's just too large for my face. I prefer bulb knots and knots in the 20-22mm range. There was a scratch on the base of the handle; I've sanded and sealed it, looks great now. Ships with original box, this brush retails for $280+; I got it at a great price and am looking to pass on the deal - asking $135 - SOLD
[Image: 9anQN9Z.jpg]
[Image: G8V54CP.jpg]

- SOLD Morris and Forndran turnback travel brush in alt. ivory with alt. tortoise accents. Knot is 19x51mm and is of the Blonde Badger variety. Great brush, but since it's one of my most expensive brushes I tend not to use it too often, which is a shame really. I'd like to pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. I'm a dumb, clumsy guy and I didn't know how to release it from the case and I ended up scratching the tortoise handle top - heads up; it's reverse threaded! I've sanded it with automotive wet/dry sandpaper of varying grits and it looks great; you can hardly tell that it had been damaged - I tried to capture it in the pictures but it's quite hard to tell. Because of this, I'm selling it for $135 which is a steal for this brush! SOLD

[Image: PIJxWhm.jpg][Image: vh9OkOw.jpg][Image: CAQwwOl.jpg][Image: SI2VHBL.jpg]


- Merkur 4 piece travel razor and travel case with what I believe is a Maggards head. I bought this recently as a blind lot buy but already have a small 4 piece travel razor.  Asking $25.
[Image: cAbODU9.jpg][Image: 5t7Q3N3.jpg][Image: eer7b5D.jpg]

- UK Flat Bottom NEW Razor. This is the slightly rarer version with the 0.25" longer thin handle. I'm also including a zinc ball end handle. It's in great condition; a little bit of brassing on the underside of the base plate. I hate to see it go as they so rarely go on sale, but I have others in my collection. I find this to be a little on the aggressive side. Asking $45. - SOLD
[Image: YoQZirv.jpg][Image: YoQZirv.jpg][Image: EtaBmem.jpg?1]

- 1954 Flare Tip Super Speed "Z3" (notched). Made in USA. Great razor. I recently picked up a UK HD Rocket and this shaves similarly to it. In very good condition. Asking $25. - SOLD
[Image: 4YWf9mf.jpg][Image: NsTmDRs.jpg][Image: PNUCGj6.jpg]

- Ikon 102 with Bulldog and Tuckaway Handle. I recently picked this up and have only 1 shave with it, not my cup of tea. The Bulldog handle has an imperfection in it at the top of the handle - see pictures. It's very minor and doesn't affect the shave at all. The tuckaway is pristine. Asking $80 - SOLD

[Image: 4144Uye.jpg][Image: BRGO9Si.jpg][Image: tDvFRpy.jpg]

- Vintage Gillette Razor Case/Travel Tin. Cool little metal box. I have 2 boxes, one comes with 3 vintage, unopened Blue Gillette Blades, the other comes with 2 Blue Gillette Blades. The box with 3 blades is in better cosmetic shape, but they're still neat none-the-less. Asking $20 for the 3 bladed box (SOLD) and $12.50 for the 2 bladed box.

3 blade box (SOLD):
[Image: mBTt1j5.jpg?1][Image: KRXsVTP.jpg][Image: HHwx0WJ.jpg]

2 Blade Box:
[Image: dgOB3eL.jpg][Image: rt1TCaO.jpg][Image: zjojsIy.jpg]


- Soapy Bathman Spring Orchard. Great soap, used 3 times but the scent is too strong for me. Fantastic citrus/lemongrass scent. Comes with matching balm, but the balm has menthol which my face hates. Asking $28 - SOLD

[Image: I3IuNCU.jpg]

Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with offers.


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Pm sent.

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