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Hi All,

My search for the goldilocks brushes for me continues, and the next batch that hasn't been working out is up for sale.  I would consider very limited trades of the following items:

-Chosera 1k stone
-7/8+ 1/4 or 1/2 hollow vintage blades in good condition
-Pathetically soft brushes around 25mm +/-

Up for sale I have the following items, with US50 prices included:

SdM Soap from a recent Group Buy on another forum

Beautiful soap, a few swirls and it's insanely slick and voluminous.  The scent is like a sort cousin to La Toja shave stick, but mild and pleasant.  Unfortunately, something in the soap gives my skin the napalm treatment, so it won't get used by me.  [b]Paid $31, yours for $25[/b] - SOLD

[Image: A2yPLP3.jpg]

Thater 4425/3.
I bought this brush about two weeks ago searching out the fabled Thater gel-tips in a bulb shape.  Stated loft/height is 25mm x 55mm with a handle of 45mm.  It turns out this is a second grade of Thater 2-band hair, and does not have gel tips.  Very soft, decent backbone, excellent flow-through, but too rough on my skin, especially with circular motions.  Used about 3-4 times.  From another forum:

It's not a "second" as in a reject brush. It's a different grade, but that was not entirely clear on the website, nor in the e-mail exchange I had with the company prior to purchasing. There's "2-band finest silvertip" and "2-band silvertip" apparently, but that took me a bit to track down through some other forums.

It's a solid brush, but not worth anywhere near the list price. It reminds me of Wiiborg's 2-band offering (not the White Badger or Manchurian, etc) with very soft hairs that are super resilient at the tips. Very pleasant with paintbrush strokes but very exfoliating with circles, too much so for me.

Paid $140, I think it's worth about $85.

Semogue 2013 SE - SOLD
Another acquisition searching for cloud-like brushes.  It reminds me a lot of Simpsons Super hair, with excellent, excellent density and backbone.  A little too much scrub for my skin, so I'm letting it go.  Originally vendored for $130, then $110.  I paid $75, and would like to get back what I paid, so $75 shipped.  SOLD

Full album here.

[Image: 0cOlzda.jpg]

Simpsons Tulip 3 in Super

I got this in a trade from another member here.  As with the Semogue above, the brush has great density, good backbone, but like all Simpsons hair I've tried, it is too rough on my skin, so I'm letting it go.  I traded for a brush so I'll let it go for the value of the trade I made, $120 shipped (huge discount from the $190+ it vendors for). TRADED

Thater 4292/5

Again, searching for those gel-tips from Thater.  I think newer batches are less "gel-like", and remind me more of Blonde grade from the current batch at M&F.  I wish I had done this in a fan, because it might be the perfect brush for me then, but the bulb from German makers seems to not really work well for me.  Paid $165, yours for $135. SOLD

Full album here.

[Image: 9qZtKVn.jpg]

Thanks all, and PM me with any questions!

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