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First post on the BST and a few things up for grabs. I am in the UK but will post to Europe free. If If your in the US then I will see what the price is to post and then update you - most of this stuff is US based so the likely hood of buying from me is slim.

1. Rudy Vey MoonJava Shaving Brush £15 SOLD
Great brush designed by Rudy Vey, very colourful. It has a Muhle Synthetic Silver Tip knot I think it's 23mm but not 100% on that as I can't remember. One of the best Synthetics, I just prefer my Plissons.
THIS BRUSH IS DAMAGED: This is the reason for the low price, it has a chip on the handle which can be seen in the pictures. This is not my reason for selling, unfortunately on the way to take the pictures I dropped it. The chunk that came from the handle is in one piece and can be glued back in place but I thought I would let the buyer decide.

2. Reef Point Soaps Admiralty Shaving Soap £15
This is a great soap and has only been used once. It's a very similar scent to a soap I already have which is the reason I am selling. You can't get this soap in the UK at the moment without shipping so pick it up for a good price.

3. TFS Bergamotto Neroli Shaving Soap £10
Used twice, it's the same scent as RazoRock Don Marco. No real reason for selling other than I don't really need it.

4. Reef Point Admiralty Shaving Balm £10
Used once, The same scent as the soap, just a little more Grapefruity. Has menthol in it. I am selling for the same reason as the soap, I have a balm which smells the same.

5. Maggards Razors Grapefruit Shaving Oil £7
Used once, again similar to something I have so I don't need it. I have quite a few of these oils and they are top class. They use home made methods to make it.
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