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I love Ikon razors, and this is one of my backup spares.  
I nearly didn't put this up because I wanted to keep a spare DLC top-cap in case something horrible happens to my 5-piece set.  
So if this doesn't sell as a set, I'll split it up so I can keep the top-cap.

OC plate has a scuff in the DLC coating on one of the teeth (I've tried to capture it in the photos) where I dropped it but other than that it's in great shape.  The top-cap hasn't been used and still has a thin layer of oil from when I received it from Ikon.
Set includes top-cap, OC baseplate, Tuckaway travel handle, and leather travel case (all genuine Ikon).
$90 shipped U.S. or £60 shipped UK. Price includes Paypal fees and shipping with tracking.
EU shipping separate at actual cost.
I'll combine shipping (discount) if buying something else from me. PM for details.
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