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In trying to learn about some of the world's best shaving soaps, I've recently used some products for multiple days.  First it was TOBS (mostly Jermyn St.) that I used on vacation for two weeks.  When I came back I had a sample of MdC and decided to see how it worked over the course of a week.  Very nice soap with great lathering, slipperiness, and a clean, but not moisturizing face feel.  This led me to a week of tallow-based soaps that were similar to MdC in terms of lathering, slickness, and shave, but (some) were more cushioning and moisturizing.  I thought I was going to include Wickham's Soaps in the tallow group, only to have someone point out that it doesn't contain tallow, but potassium lardate (or lard).  I was going to leave Wickham out because, although it was an animal product, it came from the wrong animal.  However, fate intervened.  A new thread about Wickham appeared about how it was a great soap save for some samples producing small clots of soap that were unacceptable in a fine shaving product.  Since I had two tubs of Wickham (actually the same product but under the name "Huntlee Super Smooth", I thought I would see 1) if there was a clumping issue (there wasn't in my samples) and how it performed versus the MdC/tallow trials.

All my containers of Wickham were obtained from BST purchases, so I don't know their provenance... they could be old or recent batches (two of them do have batch numbers that I'm not sure I can decipher).  One is a 160 gr plastic tub of Huntleee Super Smooth Spice Trade, the second a cute 80gr screw top tin of Huntlee Super Smooth English Lavender, and the third a tiny plastic jar of a sample that I pressed into a small ceramic bowl.  All three were without pieces or clumps, produced rich and thick lather that was very cushioning.  The coating was probably the thickest and most butter-like, providing almost too much cushioning.  I may be wrong, but perhaps my shaves first with an EJ89 and the last two days with an ATT R1 were not quite as close as my MdC or various tallow shaves.  However, post shave, my skin feels the most pliable and moisturized it has seemed the past two weeks.

So, it is not tallow, but lard is another animal fat that cushions and softens.  Next I'll have to investigate if there are other non-animal fat soaps with excellent post shave feel. Some of the suspects I have in my den include LASSC, SA, and Tiki Bar.  What a great time to be shaving with all the fabulous soaps we have to try![Image: 8J91X9j.jpg]

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Two shave soaps that provide great lather and post shave properties IMHO are Soap Commander as well as Catie's Bubbles. Plus they are vegan. 

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