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Continued from my other thread: http://shavenook.com/thread-is-this-a-de...ing-part-1
… and this thread will continue onto: http://shavenook.com/thread-is-this-a-de...ing-part-3
Combine shipping!!!

And don't forget these threads:

Shipping is $5.00 flat, Con-US.  Other locations are negotiable.

Picking up where I left off, alphabetically still…

L'Occitane Cade pre-shave oil (95+% product remaining, costs $22 new)

Merkur 39c (long handle slant, used 2x, paid $58)

Merkur Futur (used for 2-3 months about a year ago, paid $90, lost original box, will put in other box shown)

Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (tallow first, period.)


Penhaligon's Opus 1870 shave cream, discontinued (basically brand new, I only squeezed a little out to test the scent, used to be listed for $40)

Pitralon "Original" aftershave (brand new, costs $16)

Pitralon "Polar" aftershave (used 1-2x, costs $16 new)

Pitralon "Swiss" aftershave (90-95% product remaining, in second picture you can see the amount/line from change in color of glass, above the red logo, costs $24 new)


Pré de Provence shave soap in tin (lathered 1x, costs $14 new)

Santa Maria Novella Emulsione Analcolica (alcohol-free aftershave milk, nice soothing menthol, nice scent, 50% product remaining, costs $65 new)

Santa Maria Novella Pre Dopo Barba (pre- and after- shave balm, 25% product remaining, costs $58 new)

Santa Maria Novella Tobacco Toscano shave soap (~50% product remaining, costs $71 new)

And again, I used my 20 pictures allowance… please see this thread for pictures of the items below:


…or to see my first one, go here: http://shavenook.com/thread-is-this-a-de...ing-part-1

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Pm'ed sent for the merlus 39c

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Mods, please archive… will combine remaining items into the first thread.  Thank you!!!

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