05-18-2015, 02:45 PM
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For sale is a Gillette Rocket, made in England, in excellent condition, mechanically perfect, comes with a case.   It is an excellent shaver.

US$65 shipped to US/Canada. SOLD.

Thanks to TSN and the buyer!

I believe this is the same one as this:

Please correct me if this info is wrong.

[Image: 19eda248323dbfb5940f022ed3452d10.jpg]
[Image: 5375ab1fdbc4b9cf7ba6864287e583ed.jpg]
[Image: 978ceea51b4a26c6e6a47875f5e802ee.jpg]
[Image: b2477e91be3f6d30b12eb1aa239a0bbe.jpg]
[Image: 394aca8e494753c9781e119161368aa9.jpg]
[Image: e806161382ebb53ce5744e3240a33def.jpg]

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