06-15-2012, 08:32 AM
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I am moving in a couple weeks and want to part with all the stones and strops I don't use anymore. I have put these on clearance prices to get rid of them.

All these items can be found for sale on my website here. I don't think you will find better prices for these size of stones anywhere.

Highlights include:

50 x 100mm vintage natural coticule combo (excellent stone - similar to a Le Veinette in properties):
[Image: DSC_1273.jpg]

Large 40 x 180mm vintage natural combo (similar to a La Grise in properties):
[Image: DSC_1277.jpg]

40 x 175mm vintage coticule (slower, but a nice finisher):
[Image: DSC_1289.jpg]

38 x 140mm vintage Thuringian (similar to an escher as a finisher):
[Image: DSC_1301.jpg]

48 x 150mm vintage Thuringian (similar to an escher as a finisher):
[Image: DSC_2780-1.jpg]

La Dressante Red Streaked large bout (very fast on both slurry and water - hard to part with this one):
[Image: DSC_3277.jpg]

40 x 150mm La Verte (typical verte strain - leaves a keen and brisk edge):
[Image: DSC_3280.jpg]

70 x 140mm Frankonian (save $ and shipping from Germany - excellent finisher and lapped already):
[Image: DSC_3284.jpg]

huge 50 x 270mm Lynn Idwal (great finisher on oil - similar to a Charnley Forest. This sucker is a huge stone):
[Image: DSC_3291.jpg]

Tony Miller Steerhide barber's end strop (great strop - not much else to say and priced very cheap):
[Image: DSC_2774-1.jpg]

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 06-15-2012, 08:56 AM
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Very nice items for the straight shaver. Great looking pictures. Thank you

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 06-15-2012, 09:10 AM
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I don't know anything about straights, and their hardware... but even I am tempted just by your descriptions! Tongue

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