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Hello to all. I am currently looking to purchase a used vehicle, more specifically a 2003-2005 Jeep Liberty. I have always driven 4 x 4s and AWDs. I had a 1993 YJ, and two Suzuki XL7s. The lease is over on my current XL7 and I would like to go back to a more traditional jeep, without the hefty price of a new car. And just like when I purchased my Jeep Wrangler in 1993, I believe the Liberty has character and style. I was wondering if any of you can share your experiences with the Jeep Liberty 03-05. I have done some research on the vehicle and the only two negatives are the fuel economy and their propensity for electrical problems. Fuel economy is not a real issue for me because I have a 5 min drive to work. I only drive about 50 kms a week. I am however more interested in the reliability of the vehicle and what, if any problems does it have? And as I said earlier, my last three vehicles were new and I don't want to get indebted again to purchase a car. I would like to purchase a vehicle for a cheap price, and slowly make any upgrades on my own, such as tires, mags, stereo, etc; recently I have taken an interest in off roading, besides if I spend less on a car there is more money for shave stuff. Anyways guys and gals, your advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Shaving. Sam.

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 06-15-2012, 07:15 PM
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There Liberty is popular in my neck of the woods. Spacious and looks nice, even if the 4WD makes no difference in town. Some model years are under recall:


Not sure if this has any merit or if it is just someone blowing smoke:


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 06-15-2012, 08:39 PM
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We had a 2006 Liberty and loved it....except every window regulator (power windows) all four windows mind you were replaced 3-4 times each. They tried everything when we got rid of it they were sounding like another one was getting ready to let go. Chrysler told me they had never seen a vehicle with so many regulator problems.

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