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The "genuino Floïd haugrolizado" said the old labels, it was born in 1932 in laboratories Cientifical Haugron of Barcelona, property of Joan Baptista Cendrós . A very active member of the Catalonian society. In Franco's dictatorship, Mr. Cendrós subsidized the Institut d'Estudis Catalans and participated in the creation of Omnium Cultural, Encyclopedia Catalana, Proa editions, prizes Sant Jordi, Carles Riba and the Foundation of the Great Encyclopedia Catalana. This active businessman and philanthropist, was a learned person who frequented the company of artists, musicians of the "Nova cançó " (new song style in Catalonia),...

His sponsorship was made possible by the strength of your company, what was known as the "Doctor Floïd". Haugron had a successful international proportions, with this lotion Haugron could be paired to the most important cosmetics companies , such was their bestseller. When started, Floïd was a massage or lotion "for use after the shave" because it was not yet widespread "after shave" the trade mark itself ended up using. The reason for the name is a mystery, but Floïd well could be a deliberate variant of Catalan "fluid" with a foreign touch .. . The origin of the umlaut ,.... is that in french language the product is pronounced "Fluad" not Floïd. Floïd is the first product known as aftershave lotion is a few years old that Aqua Velva and Old Spice, their competitors, and still continues very popular today.

Regarding the italian Floïd , it's manufactured by INTERCOSMO. Bologna (Italy). Created in 1952 as a company of professional hair products;
In 1993 INTERCOSMO joined the international group Revlon Inc.
In 2000, the company enters into the multinational corporation .... The Colomer Group, the owner of Floïd

Conclusion .... Floïd is spanish but goes to Italy as part of trade agreements .....

Sources: "La Vanguardia" newspaper "ABC", The Colomer Group

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Floid its what every barbershop smells in Spain.What a great,classy,manly,and elegant scent has.And its kick of menthol its strong too.Yes,I like Floid.

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Very interesting. Now if only the Spanish would take over making the Floid Blue that the Colomer Group is going to discontinue.

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