05-30-2015, 07:35 AM
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Few soaps to sell today.

1- Klar Siefen sports, used once , great soap and to me it outperforms MDC. Amazing soap must try

$24 shipped, US50, PayPal

[Image: 78e9d1edee68debc03a1e0c4444bf5c2.jpg]

2- Czech speak Oxford &Cambridge, used maybe 4 times $25, US50, PayPal ,comes with the wood bowl shown in the picture -----> Sold

[Image: 6d666aed8a903e48deda193c025fc960.jpg]

3- Tabac shaving soap, used once . Great performer.
Proraso red pre shave cream used once,both for $21 shipped, US50, PayPal-----> sold

[Image: 29a7582e079a416d5a935dfba30bebb8.jpg]
[Image: 35ef5b3313027962393514be44774f8e.jpg]

Fragrances :
All kept in dark and cool place.

4- Gaultier LE male , 40% left , $20 shipped, no box
[Image: 9947b6b3e69924b3763a7d8e82041c11.jpg]

5- Chanel platinum Egoiste, 70% or more left . Please see actual juice level in the picture, no box
$45 shipped

[Image: 83a21050ae2c0caa2b8228cf1042af3b.jpg]

6- Terre d hermes 4.2 Oz EDP(Perfum) refill, more than 65% left, comes with 1oz refill bottle as shown in the picture . See actual bottle and refill bottle for juice level
$50 shipped
[Image: 1912e97b373c7bfa4a04f90000875648.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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 05-31-2015, 08:20 AM
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Please archive . Thanks

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