05-30-2015, 11:12 AM
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Too many acquisitions...

Petal Pushers Fancies Coconut, big 8oz tin, used 1x, $13
Petal Pushers Fancies Cucumber, big 8oz tin, 90%, $11 --SOLD
Mickey Lee Kraken, 4oz tub, 95%, $10 --SOLD
Soap Commander Renewal tub, 102% (I added what was left of a sample to the tub), $13 --SOLD
Soap Commander Courage tub, 95%, $12 --SOLD
Strop Shoppe Rosemary Mint tub, 90%, $10 --SOLD
Catie's Bubbles Le Marche du Rasage, 95%, $15 --SOLD
Mystic Water Adirondack Jack puck, used 2x, $8 --SOLD

Through the Fire 1oz sample of Bay Rum, $1
Chiseled Face Trade Winds sample, partial, $1
Mystic Water Marrakesh sample, $1 --SOLD

Soap Commander Renewal Aftershave Balm, 95%, $10 --SOLD
Soap Commander Respect Aftershave Balm, used 2x, $10 --SOLD
RazoRock Extract of Lime Balm, 90%, $8
Nivea Sensitive Cooling Balm, new, $3 each
Stirling Sharp Dressed Man Balm, used 1x, $5 --SOLD
Gillette Silver Blue blades, 100, $15 --SOLD

Shipping is a flat $6 (in the CONUS)

[Image: shaving.jpg]

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 05-30-2015, 12:42 PM
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Interested in Catie's LMR and the GSB bundle - PM incoming!

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