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Few more items as part of my clearing and cleaning.

 SOLD SOLD 1) -- L'Occitane Plisson Synthetic (with stand and original box, used once) - $45.00 shipped SOLD SOLD 

SOLD SOLD 2) iKon Shavecraft 102 Slant head that I had custom coated in Teflon-S pure by Iron Ridge Gunsmiths in Longmont, Co + iKon Tuckaway handle coated in Teflon S by the same company. SOLD SOLD

** item to note (tried to capture in the picture) that the coating did "run" or bunch up a bit on one side of the head, it is very minor, does not affect shaves and it hardly noticeable --- but wanted to point it out.  This razor is phenomenal and has increased glide in my opinion due to the finish. I am just mainly shaving with straights these days. **

take this bundle for $55 shipped SOLD SOLD

[Image: f3wL55u.jpg]
[Image: WHq7xRN.jpg]
[Image: CTx4SCn.jpg]
[Image: s4T8cuA.jpg]
[Image: ZMFSngI.jpg]
[Image: osbteHg.jpg]
[Image: ZsWEvP3.jpg]
[Image: XxJX2y7.jpg]

3) 7/8 Round Point Barone straight razor, shave ready recently by Doc226 and is an excellent razor -- there are a few oxidization spots on the blade, but nothing that affects the shave or ability to be honed.  asking $80 shipped to US for this big, heavy round beauty.  DROPPED TO $65 SHIPPED

**Great blade that would look amazing in a brand new set of scales or it is just fine as it is..... the existing scales are right and open and close well, a bit bowed in the middle, but overall pricing the 7/8 blade on this one to move.**

[Image: zlD3Ecj.jpg]
[Image: rmyggTV.jpg]
[Image: 2GWUU8Q.jpg][Image: oNFceTJ.jpg]

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