05-30-2015, 12:08 PM
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Hi All,

I am looking to simplify and have a few items I hope to pass along to a happy home. Prices included shipping CONUS. Will consider shipping international at cost. Payment via PayPal.

1. SOLD - Stainless Steel Handle Lot - $250 - SOLD (After researching prices I believe buying these all new would cost about $550., so here is your chance to spend money to save money )
Lot includes:
*Mongoose: Dub Legend (B1) and Mongoose Dr. Bomber Slim (B2)
*iKon: B1 Special Edition, B1 Bulldog, Matte Bulldog, Shavecraft Bulldog, Tuckaway, and B1 stand (aluminum)
*Hempel: Spiral and Wave
*BBS-1: Handle, no head
[Image: 98c4f7ecb9eeaa6b91396ad74e69fd92.jpg]
[Image: 9501bd9887ccd62c7a8e83951240a1f6.jpg]
[Image: c947b0963606ecf7c2ef714f52e95a01.jpg]
[Image: cd22f89d3bb6b613584e278690ef67bc.jpg]
[Image: 444bab360251f4a33a2e7dd58fcf7e29.jpg]

2. SOLD - Feather Artist Club Lot - Was $125, now $105 - SOLD
Lot is the set that was sent out on a TSN pass-around and includes:
*Feather RG non-folding
*Feather SS non-folding
*Kasho Leather Travel Case
*5 partial packs of Feather and Kai blades including Feather Guards, Feather Professional (2) and Kai Milds (2). (I cannot confirm the blade count, but estimate there should be a mix of 40+ blades.)
[Image: e2146ef33ba86b93fed7d73f1422104f.jpg]
[Image: 1bf9f69b937670df90f49397cc9290fc.jpg]

3. SOLD - Simpson M6, #28 - $125 - SOLD
Little introduction needed for the brush. It has seen very light usage as I have other brushes I prefer (e.g., Thaters).
[Image: 84980884718282b9a65455bd2cdbb3f7.jpg]
[Image: 1cdc4b14e1275c860cb5770f57226b29.jpg]

4. SOLD - Brush Stand Lot (Brush not included) - $7 to cover shipping - SOLD
[Image: d48605652e52d4a8820376e31392f657.jpg]
[Image: 3cfb1d262330f366da3efdfb88b05814.jpg]

Please PM if you have any questions, and thanks for looking! (I am willing to consider trades for Thater 4125 2-bands, preferably with a black handle.)

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 05-30-2015, 12:59 PM
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The handles look great, especially when combined. Very nice collection. I, however, use only TTOs/injectors and these beautiful handles are not for me. Nevertheless, I have fight my urge to get these handles because they look so good. GLWTS.

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 05-31-2015, 12:56 PM
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One and only reduction on the Feather AC kit: now $105. If you can find an RG it alone will probably cost you more.

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 05-31-2015, 01:40 PM
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why must you tempt me with those feather AC's when I want to try out RR baby smooth..
oh my god.  This is how people start collecting razors and build a den in their bathrooms.. jesus help me..

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