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I have some product for sale, and I'd prefer to sell it in lots to minimize shipping costs. Payment via PayPal, shipping in the U.S. included.

SOLD First up is a lot including Razorock XXX soap and the accompanying Fine AS. I'm also throwing in Panna Crema Lavandotto. Both soaps are lightly used, and the AS is about 85% remaining. $30 SOLD

[Image: Product1.jpg]

[Image: Product2.jpg]

SOLD Next is a Barrister & Mann lot, including both Fougeres, Fireside, and Bay Rum. All have only been lightly used. Please note, the Bay Rum tin is bent a little, and the Fougere Aromatique is the Tre Citta version. $50 SOLD

[Image: Product3.jpg]

[Image: Product4.jpg]

Last is a small lot featuring a limited edition La Rochere glass tray that originally housed Martin de Candre. I will fill the bowl with your choice of LASS Topanga Fougere or ABCBA. Also included is L'Occitaine Cade soap in its aluminum bowl. $50

[Image: Product5.jpg]

[Image: Product6.jpg]

Thanks for looking!


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