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I am offering some uncommon DE razors for sale, all excellent shavers that just don't see much time in my rotation. Payment via Paypal, shipping in the US included.

I am happy to provide individual photos of any of the razors at your request.

The razors in the first photo are as follow, from left to right:

SOLD Koenig slant $85 SOLD
Krect Spiral Curve $100
SOLD Puma push button $30SOLD
SOLD Gillette Belmont or Criterion Chromium NEW Deluxe $55SOLD
Gillette Ranger Tech $40
SOLDGillette No. 48 Aristocrat Junior $100SOLD

[Image: Razorsale3.jpg]

The Koenig slant is in immaculate condition, and I have not shaved with it. I received it in a trade and am asking the equivalent of the trade value. This razor would make a beautiful addition to any slant collection, and it is an uncommon specimen. This very razor was discussed (and photographed) here:

The Krect Spiral Curve is a US-made slant razor from the 1930s or 40s, I believe from Portland, OR. This particular razor has a hinge mechanism that secures the head to the handle when a blade is loaded (the spring provided by the blade provides the tension necessary to lock the handle to the head piece). 

The Puma push button is an interesting design for a two-piece razor, very similar to the razor discussed here (if not the same manufacture):
These razors were made of Zamak, and I had someone attempt to replate this one in nickel. The person who took on the job did so reluctantly, as Zamak is very difficult to replate. The plating is elevated in several areas (looks like bubbling), leaving the razor cosmetically flawed. This does not keep the razor from being perfectly functional and providing an excellent, moderately aggressive shave. Also, the razor will last longer with this replating than it would have in its original condition. This is a scarce razor that provides an outstanding shave.

The NEW Deluxe is either a Criterion or Belmont, but I do not have the case to identify it as one or the other. The top cap of the razor has some brassing on the edges and fine scratches to go along with its age. The handle has a hairline crack that has been epoxied and is stable. 

Next is a Gillette Ranger Tech in very good condition. There is a little haze on the silo doors that I have not attempted to polish. The TTO mechanism is flawless. 

Last is a Gillette no. 48 Aristocrat Junior. This razor has been replated in nickel and is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. I am including it with a white Bakelite case that is not original to the razor, but nonetheless provides a nice home.

More photos:

[Image: Razorsale2.jpg]

[Image: Razorsale1.jpg]

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