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AFTER THE WEEKEND UPDATE: Only the Klenzo brush remains.  Thanks all the buyers and TSN!

Hi everyone - 

A few items for sale today.  These prices include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.  Please contact me for international shipping and unfortunately the aftershave lot cannot be shipped out of the country due to the alcohol content.


(1) RazoRock Stealth slant razor in black anodized aluminum with stand.  Approx. 91mm (3.5") tall and 40g (1.4 oz) in weight.  These are most likely never to be produced again, depending on which forum and threads you read.  What is for certain is that they are not for sale anywhere nor have been for a long time.  These are/were prototypes based off of the famous German bakelite slant that were "unearthed" a few  years ago and in my opinion improved upon by the machined aluminum as it adds tensile strength to the typical slant characters (i.e. the torqued blade and scything action).  I actually prefer the lighter weight of the aluminum as a slant requires a lighter touch and the stainless steel version of this razor was a bit unbalanced, weight-distribution-wise.  Even still this is a great slant for beginners and advanced users alike as, unlike the Merkur 37C/39C, the head does not "open up" and exposure more of the blade.

These were prototypes so they aren't flawless cosmetically.  This one has a few areas on the base of the handle where the coating has flaked off, mainly due to contact with the stand.  However, I have kept it in as pristine condition as I can and there is nothing wrong with the head nor any other area "where it counts."  If you were lucky enough to buy one of these when they came up for retail, they cost $80.  I am the second owner, and I purchased it for $90.  I would like to get back what I paid: $90.  SOLD!


(2) Rooney Heritage Emillion 1 brush in Super Badger.  Approx. 23mm knot with 50mm loft.  Even the more recent runs of the Rooney Heritage line have been incredible.  The Super badger grade in these brushes in my opinion is better than any other makers' "super" designation, as it is one of the softest tips but with typical Rooney Heritage density and backbone.  This brush splays out and "plays bigger" (more like 25mm - 27mm) but can handle any cream or hard soap equally well.

The Emillion handle is by far my favorite handle.  It is ergonomic but also very classically shaped.  It is 54mm (2+ inches) tall and can be used for either face-lathering or bowl-lathering easily.  I am the second owner and I purchased it for $87, which I believe is a great deal on this brush considering it retails for $135, and I've used it sparingly since (no fault of the brush, I just happened to get lucky on another Emillion 1).  So like the slant above, I am asking for what I paid: $87.  SOLD!


(3) Klenzo B1081 lucite handled brush with TGN Finest knot.  21mm/45mm.  I love vintage Klenzo brushes and this particular brush is no exception.  It was recently restored by a member here, vferdman, with a great TGN finest knot.  It is dense and has great backbone, but is not scritchy on the face.  I have personally used it on both creams, croaps, and hard soaps and it has handled each with aplomb.  The handle is 48mm (just under 2") tall so, like the Emillion, it is adept at both bowl-lathering and face-lathering.

I purchased it from the Swap & Shop here and I have done my best to keep it in as pristine condition as I received it in.  I would like to recoup what I paid, so I am asking for $30.  


(4) Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica, Barrister & Mann Seville, and D.R. Harris Marlborough soaps.  The SV has about 80% remaining, the Seville about 60%, and the Marlborough 90%.  The 100% vegetable Felce Aromatica comes in a no-longer-available limited edition screw-top tin and is a fougere scent with herbal/balsamic scent which sets it apart.  The Seville is a tallow-based soap with a lemon scent with bergamot and herbal undertones.  And Marlborough is a tallow-based triple-milled soap with a cedar/sandalwood scent.  The SV retailed for $30 when it was available, the Seville for $14, and the Marlborough for $30.  I would like to get $40 for all three: $40.  SOLD!


(5) Krampert's Finest Frostbite, Barrister & Mann Tonique Fougere Classique, and B&M Kyovu Seville aftershave.  The Frostbite has about 80% remaining, and both of the B&Ms have about 2/3rds remaining.  The Frostbite is a great blast of menthol that quickly settles down into a frankincense and woodsy/pine scent and has incredible post-shave and moisturizing qualities for an alcohol-based aftershave.  Same for the Fougere Classique, which has a classic and complex fougere scent (like a more intricate and interesting Clubman).  Finally the Kyovu has the scent of the Seville soap (lemon with bergamot/herbal undertones) but is a non-alcohol splash.  The Frostbite retails for $20 new, the Fougere Classique for $25 and the Kyovu for $22.  I would like to get $35 for all three: $35.  SOLD!

As always I welcome any comments or questions about my descriptions or pricing in this thread.  For anything else, please PM me.  Also I will do my best to try to ship any of the items purchased within a day but please bear with me as there are a lot of items in this sale thread.  

As ever, thanks for looking,

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Great items here wow!

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 06-04-2015, 08:27 AM
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Josh is a great guy to deal with. GLWTS

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What a great opportunity. Congrats to the buyers!

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Messaged about the soap lot.

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(06-04-2015, 09:11 AM)drivenlegend Wrote: Messaged about the soap lot.

Well phrased to avoid my wrath regarding my current pet peeve!

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All items SOLD!  Moderators please archive.

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