06-07-2015, 09:48 AM
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Cleaning out my den yet again. Most of these soaps I cant use due to having sensitive skin. All prices are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Selling most of the soaps in lots to keep the shippin costs down and my time packaging down. I apologize but I only ship within the U.S. Any questions please feel free to ask. I check my P.M's non stop so no need for a P.M. sent reply in the thread. Thanks  Biggrin

Simpson Chubby 2 Best Badger. Brand new never hit water. Had this in my den and never used it.

$150 $145 SOLD

[Image: K8dHceD.jpg]

Jurge Hemple Polished Titanium razor handle. Just received this and is too light weight for my tastes. Dimensions from Jurgen are 17mmx92mm 80gr

$80 $75 $70 $65 SOLD

[Image: 5s4Fs7N.jpg]
[Image: aU6FVKO.jpg]

Jurge Hemple Anodized Black Gold Titanium razor handle. Just received this and is too light weight for my tastes also. Has a small spot on the handle (see pics) and some discolor on the botom of the handle also in the pics. Dimensions from Jurgen are 17mmx92mm 80gr

$75  $70 $65 $60 SOLD

[Image: 68KznFE.jpg]
[Image: KlZHIp8.jpg]

[Image: vTp00Az.jpg]
Caties Bubbles soap lot. Some of these are new and never used and the rest used only 1 time.

Un Jour Gris- Never Used SOLD
Quatre Cent Vingt- Never Used SOLD
Celtic Knot- Never Used $15  SOLD
Le Marche Du Rasage- Lathered 1x $15  SOLD
Baileys Irish Coffee- Lathered 1x $15
Rosee Du Martin- Lathered 1x SOLD

$110 $100 $95

[Image: DlufVFX.jpg]

Cold River Soap Works Lot. Some of these are the new partial size and some are full size. Info on sizes and uses below.

Spring Limited Edition- Never lathered full size
Fougere Moderne- Never lathered full size
Puro Fresco- Lathered 1x partial size
Bergamont and Bay- Lathered 1x Full Size
Jardin d'Orange- Never Lathered partial size

$65 SOLD

[Image: 0aq4jnk.jpg]

Saponificio Varesino lot. These have all only been test lathered 1x.

Felce Aromatica
Manna Di Sicilia

$65 $60 $55 SOLD
[Image: qqVrot2.jpg]

Barrister and Mann Lot. These have never been used. 

Bay Rum $15
Fireside $15  SOLD
Fougere Aromatique SOLD

$60  $55 $50

[Image: 5SuIiM8.jpg]

Baume.be Aftershave Balm. Never used

$30 SOLD 

[Image: Kib5vgB.jpg]

Xpec Unscented. This has never been used at all.

$55 $50

[Image: j8bz5h2.jpg]

Acqua Di Parma cream new formulation. Only used 1 time. 

$60 $55 SOLD

[Image: vqefdRp.jpg]

Castle Forbes Lavander . Small sample taken out with butter knife but never lathered in jar.

$20 SOLD

[Image: ovQrw8V.jpg]

[Image: Gn2GQIZ.jpg]

Dr. Jons Soap Lot. These are the 2 oz. tins. Never used.

Anne Bonny

$15 SOLD

[Image: WUZnaKK.jpg]

Stirling sample lot. Tons of the samples they sell. 11 total including some of the new summer releases.

$15 SOLD
[Image: dpwrWFL.jpg]

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 06-07-2015, 10:40 AM
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Stirling samples and CRSW lot sold.

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 06-08-2015, 05:04 AM
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Dropped some prices

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 06-08-2015, 07:57 AM
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Saponifico Varasino lot added.

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 06-09-2015, 02:37 PM
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Price droooooop.

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 06-09-2015, 04:55 PM
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Baume.be AS, Xpec, ADP, CF added

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 06-09-2015, 05:21 PM
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Great items from a great guy to deal with!

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 06-09-2015, 05:43 PM
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Thanks Freddie Thumbup . The Baume.be AS, and Castle Forbes sold.

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 06-09-2015, 09:48 PM
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(06-07-2015, 09:48 AM)jhawlz Wrote: I apologize but I only ship within the U.S.

Understood! Smile

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 06-10-2015, 04:46 AM
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Prices dropped through the floor  Aaaaa

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 06-10-2015, 05:04 AM
  • rzedan
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These are amazing products at amazing prizes. Good luck with the sale !!!! Awesome.

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 06-10-2015, 08:35 AM
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ADP Sold

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 06-10-2015, 09:39 AM
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Not interested in splits at all?

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 06-10-2015, 09:42 AM
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Saponificio Varesino lot and Jurgen Hemple Titanium Polished handle sold.

50 374
 06-10-2015, 05:48 PM
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B&M and Caties Bubbles lots split up. Xpec still available.

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 06-11-2015, 08:21 AM
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Celtic Knot is sold

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 06-11-2015, 08:30 AM
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Caties Bubbles Le Marche Du Rasage and Baileys Irish Coffee left as well as B&M Fireside and Bay Rum. Xpec unscented left as well. Come get me guys and gals Smile

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 06-13-2015, 07:24 AM
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B&M Fireside and Caties Bubbles LMDR sold. 

Still available:
Xpec Unscented 
B&M Bay Rum 
Caties Bubbles Baileys Irish Coffee 

Always willing to accept deals and trades..

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