06-08-2015, 07:23 AM
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All sales through PayPal and prices include shipping in the CONUS. Foreign at cost.

Truefitt and Hill Wellington faux horn. Super badger, made in Great Britain 22mm x 48mm fan $120.00 new. Used sparingly in a very large rotation. Outstanding brush with creamy tips and backbone. Supposedly made by Rooney. $80.00 Reduced to $65.00  SOLD

[Image: wIbVoVY.jpg]

Muhle Synthetic. Originally started life as a balck fiber brush which I did not like. Changed the knot to a TGN synthetic in 23mm x 48mm loft 48mm (handle). Liscio is the closest model to this handle at the moment. I don't think this exact handle is made anymore. Black resin with heavy nickel base. Very pleasing shape and easy to hold. A very nice synthetic brush. $65.00 Reduced to $58.00

[Image: yWTCH37.jpg]

Rubberset #3 Aluminum. This seems to be a very popular brush at the moment with some examples selling for over $500 you know where. The shine on this handle I think is only about half of what could be achieved with some elbow grease. Very fine condition. It has a TGN silvertip badger knot that is very soft tips and backbone. It is not perfect but an extremely nice example of the brush. 24mm x 52mm x almost 80mm. I am going to offer it here and if it does not sell put it on the auction site. $120.00  Sold

[Image: IXjJTbr.jpg]

An Antique Erskine brush with a TGN 2 band finest knot at 23mm x 54mm. The handle is 61mm. Perfect weight, good grip attractive yellow crackle bottom with a cream top. $65.00 Reduced to $55.00 Withdrawn.

[Image: gYEMYmv.jpg]

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Have reduced the remaining brushes.

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