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Macho aftershave is back!
This a/s shows up at the Dollar Tree from time  to time.The bottle is a green plastic that is reminiscent of Brut which will cause some to pass it by.As I did the first few times I saw it I assumed it was a Brut clone and I'm not a huge fan of Brut. A few years ago this stuff was the subject of  a bit of discussion on the shaving forums,one of  the matters of discussion was the fact that there seems to be several versions scent wise floating around out there.Quality control or bad storage conditions were thought to be the culprit.One scent was indeed a weak Brut clone and the other was a surprisingly nice scent that was a weak Brut vibe but replaces the fougere with cedarwood and black pepper.That is the  version  that has reappeared.The scent sticks around all day at a low level with a low level of projection maybe six inches or so.
Macho Sport Scent-
Ingredients:sd alcohol,water,fragrance,propylene glycol.Mfd by BlueCross Labs.  I add a squirt of glycerin and vitamin e oil  for extra skin conditioning

For a buck grab a bottle or two and stick them back.You may be surprised as I was.

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 06-12-2015, 09:45 AM
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Did someone say.....NACHO??!!

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