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What is the difference between a silver tip, a 2 band silver tip and a 3 band silver tip?  Thanks in advance.

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No not an expert.

2 band is black base thicker hair with blond best or silvertip top. It is a stiffer hair and more expensive as there is less  on a badger

3 band silver tip comes from the neck scruff as I understand it and is also a rare hair but less backbone 

Silvertip is the whiter, softer tips from the back neck of the badger.

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 06-12-2015, 04:39 PM
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(06-12-2015, 02:48 PM)steelheart1948 Wrote: What is the difference between a silver tip, a 2 band silver tip and a 3 band silver tip?  Thanks in advance.

In short, 3-Band silvertips to many is the best and softest quality hair you can get from the badger.

But some feel, even at low loft and dense knots, a 3-band Silvertip lacks backbone.

Here the 2-Band badger hair comes in to play.

2-Band badger hair comes from badgers winter hair or from badgers that live in the colder places, higher up in the mountains - thus the 2-band hair is thicker and tougher (in order to more efficient protect the badger from the cold weather)

For this reason many consider 2-band hair to be of lesser quality compared to the softer finer thinner 3-band hair.

But some brush geeks at shaving forums put up high demands for 2-band hair, thus some brush manufacturers raised their prices on such hair and called the hair High Mountain Badgher hair, Manchurian badger hair, 2-Band Super and even 2-Band Silvertip and Finest 2-band. The demand for this special type thicker hair with more backbone raised the prices and 2-Band hair more often than not is now more expensive than the luxurious 3-band hair, because of supply and demand.

2-Band badger hair is really just thicker 3-band badger, the bands are just wider, so when you install the knot in the brush handle, 2-Bands look like they only have two bands and not three bands.
You do see the third band in a good deal of 2-band brushes though.......but only just

Some brush manufacturers also sourced 2-band hair with angel soft tips and the classic tough backbone. This hair of course rise even further up in price.

You have to test the hair on your skin to see what you will prefer.
It's a very subjective thing.......

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Thank you gentlemen.

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