06-17-2012, 03:50 PM
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I tried to trade this, but there was no interest. I don't use it and I'm not a collector, so she needs a good home.
No bent or broken teeth, very good triple silver plate with no brassing, very minor scratches on the cap, typical Old Type hair-line crack on the upper tube; which appears to be quite stable and smaller than any of the other Old Types that I've owned. This is a very nice razor and in great condtion for its age

$75 shipped

[Image: GA01.jpg]
[Image: GA02.jpg]
[Image: GA03.jpg]

Also For sale:

1921 Gillette Old Type Bulldog G combination set. Uncleaned, lacquer is pealing so it makes the gold plate look ugly.
The razor has two bent teeth that don't effect the shave. Hairline crack on the handle.
The case isn't 100%, looks good on the inside but the leather has dried and torn a bit on the hinge/flap areas.
This is a complete set and includes the tiny travel brush, blade holders,soap holder and brush holder.
I need to take photos of the razor itself, so check back.

$25 shipped

[Image: 100_1956.jpg]
[Image: 100_1957.jpg]
[Image: 100_1958.jpg]
[Image: 100_1959.jpg]
[Image: 100_1960.jpg]
[Image: 100_1961.jpg]
[Image: 100_1962.jpg]
[Image: 100_1963.jpg]
[Image: 100_1964.jpg]
[Image: NI01.jpg]
[Image: NI02.jpg]
[Image: NI03.jpg]


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 06-17-2012, 03:54 PM
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How would you rate it aggressive wise? I've never owned one from that era, closest I have is a Goodwill and New Long comb.

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 06-17-2012, 07:45 PM
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A steal on that Bulldog set. But the Aristocrat will be mine!

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 06-17-2012, 08:14 PM
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Even ugly old dogs need love. PM sent on bulldog.

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