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I initially posted this for sale a couple weeks ago and when the other brush sold, I had second thoughts about letting this one go. I withdrew it and planned on reknotting the handle. But being honest with myself, I am never going to get around to re-knotting.  Lol!! Who am I kidding. So heres the brush.

It was sold to me as a Rudy Vey but during my last post it came to light that it may be a Bob Quinn handle from EliteRazors. Either way it is a beautiful faux ivory handle. It is not a solid ivory color. It has some natural subtle swirls that really add to the aesthetics. I tried to capture them in the pics. The knot is dense (a little too dense for me) with soft tips and nice 2-band backbone.

Link to previous post       http://shavenook.com/showthread.php?tid=32399

and post where I purchased it.    http://shavenook.com/showthread.php?tid=28470


TGN Finest 26mm by 50mm
Handle measures 58mm
Total height 108mm

$45 Shipped CONUS 

Plisson Synthetic not in LOccitane wooden handle (already have that one)
EJ synthetic XL horn handle
Maybe other stuff that doesn't come to mind right now.

[Image: 5QnI6Nh.jpg]

[Image: JDn8dm1.jpg]
[Image: iyC6qYk.jpg]
[Image: PJFMKcr.jpg]

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