07-01-2015, 07:15 AM
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The first batch of Plisson brushes sold by L'Occitan were indeed $50 and had only the Plisson logo.  When the second release came out which had both brands on the handle the price dropped to $30, but there were definite quality control issues with the handle (knots falling out, finish peeling, handles cracking).

You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

I have both brushes and prefer the first release and would pay more for this versus the second release.

edit: But you are correct in that there is lots of gouging and profiteering going on, but if that is the way the moderators have decided to go then I see no problems.  I'd rather pay a bit extra here then on an auction site.

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 08-01-2015, 03:09 PM
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I have to say - out of all the places and forums I have purchased used (and new) product (not just shaving related), the Nook has been the most pleasant experience. I think the members are overwhelmingly fair and fun! I had one weird instance but, decided my own feathers were ruffling for no reason and I feel great about working past the small details and trying my best to be a gentleman and member of this very cool forum!

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