06-23-2015, 01:17 PM
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I've been experimenting with various synthetics since last year.  I wanted to try the Pur Tech fiber, which is considered a Generation 4.   I opted not to purchase a Frank Shaving brush, and decided to have Bob Quinn (Elite Razor) make me one of his great handles with a 24mm Pur Tech knot.  I asked Bob to set the loft at 55mm.

The handle is superbly crafted.  I've always liked Bob's E7 handle, but chose a different design this time and I was delighted with the result:

[Image: DswrcDQ.jpg] 

Now on to the knot.  When I received the brush I shaved with it the next day without taking any measurements or feeling the base of the knot.  The moment I began to shave I knew this did not feel like a 55mm loft.  I checked the base of the knot and felt a large glue bump.  After the brush dried I measured the loft and Bob set it correctly at 55mm.  I then put a toothpick through the brush to get a visual picture of how large the glue bump was.  This picture illustrates the height of the glue bump, as I cannot get the toothpick any lower:

[Image: LLblz8w.jpg] 

This glue bump is concentrated in the middle of the knot, as there is some thickness of fiber all around the outside diameter of the knot which is not glued.  However, the brush does not splay anywhere near as much as a 55mm without a glue bump would.    As it turns out, the brush performs fine for me.  I'm in the minority of users who are fine with a low loft and less splay on synthetics.  However, for those who subscribe to the view that synthetics need a higher loft to be at their best, this knot could present a problem.

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 06-23-2015, 02:49 PM
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I had an FS Pur-Tech, same glue bump, but like you I liked them low.  Synthetics really never held my attention, Pur-Tech included though it was the best for my liking.  I do have and enjoy an Ecco Tool Kabuki Cosmetic, set in an Eagle style Faux-Ivory handle, 36/29.6mm... unfortunately my 7 y/o son has laid claim as one of his brushes.

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 06-24-2015, 03:14 AM
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i have a huge glue bump like that on my polo 10 and was told by mark that pretty much that's just way it is.

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