06-24-2015, 12:31 PM
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All the products of Meissner Tremonia ... about the Preshave.

This treatment is the base of the good wetshaving .
Over the classic preshave soap , there are new formulation.
Different tools for different needs.

Because, everyone has his skin.

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 07-06-2015, 07:04 AM
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If someone have already tried these preshave Meissner, let us know your opinions.

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 07-06-2015, 07:40 AM
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I have. The Preshave Soap, and the Shaving and Body Butter

The soaps are straightforward. You use them to wash your face, degrease it, and soften the bristles in one go. Are they essential to a successful shave? Not really. Do they enhance a shave? They do for me. 

The Shaving and Body Butter is a strange beast. In my experience, it works very well as a preshave if you need an additional layer of protection. I do not, but some people who use very aggressive razors might find it useful. Applied more liberally, it can actually be used like a shaving oil. During the winter, I also used it as an aftershave, and it worked fabulously. Right now (30°C and rising), it would be too rich, though. 

The scents match those of the respective shaving products. Make sure to get a sample first, unless you go for traditional scents like Dark Limes, Mint Ice Menthol, or Exotic Elemi.

Overall, if you are looking for luxury products hand made from choice ingredients, you might like Meißner Tremonia. I find them quite spectacular, but others prefer more prosaic products. Thankfully, there are enough choices to cater to anyone's needs.

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 07-07-2015, 03:44 PM
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I have the pre shave oil (lime) and I like it very much.  I don't use it every shave but when applied judiciously it adds an extra layer of protection I enjoy.  Despite being an oil it is not "greasy" and I sometimes use it as an aftershave as well.  Highly recommended.

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