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Software for sale.  I have either not loved the scent, have duplicates or replaced them with full sizes.  Price includes shipping to US. 

i Coloniali Mango cream.  Lathered once, with box  $25   SOLD

[Image: OYqQzTu.jpg][Image: NPlIq5r.jpg]

Cold River Soap Works Fougere Moderne.  Never used. Full 6oz size.  $19   SOLD

[Image: qnHtHrU.jpg]

[b]Cold River Soap Works Bergamot & Bay. [/b] Lathered once.  Full 6oz. size.  $19

[Image: BkV0a8g.jpg]

Cold River Soap Works Spring LE.  Never used.  Full 6oz. size.  $19.  SOLD

[Image: e5XdllP.jpg]

Art Of Shaving Lemon cream.  Lathered once, with box.  $19

[Image: WMIfpD3.jpg][Image: b4VmoKP.jpg]

Razorock Inauguration (lemon) Limited Edition.  Lathered once.  I can detect little to no scent in this.  Could pass for unscented.  $4    SOLD

[Image: NJSc5fJ.jpg][Image: 4amSzYt.jpg]

Kiss My Face "Invigorating Aqua" cream.  98% left.  Same cream with great "manly" scent.  6 oz. tube.  $2

[Image: 9mVN6v8.jpg]

Soap Commander Thanksliving aftershave balm.  99% left.  Clove lights my face up! $5

[Image: ooBEKa1.jpg]


Barrister & Mann Bay Rum, Orange and Cedar, and Lime Lavender and Cedar, 

Maggard Razors Mango Sage, London Barbershop, and Limes Bergamot

Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co. Spring Street, Santa Monica Bay Rum, Topanga Fougere.

 Most used once.  Plenty left in each.  $1 each or $5 for all.      SOLD

[Image: qHlYWWu.jpg]

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