06-28-2015, 09:47 PM
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Hello Gentlemen,

As I need funds for 2 new projects, I have to let go of this one :

[Image: IMG_8701.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8711.jpg]

The lot is composed of :

- 6 razors in good condition
- 2 razors with broken nose ( so you can still make shorties !)
- 2 big razor boxes (can containe 6 razors each)
- 1 box of stropping paste from "HAMON" (full and unused)

This lot is very interesting as all the blades were made by "Le Grelot", which was already bought by "Thiers Issard", as two identical razors show one brand and the other. All those razors were made for a French cutler / barber called "CHAUSSIS" in the city "ERNEE". All of the razors show a clean edge, but might have some rust elswhere. All these razors need restoration. Here are now some more pictures and details :

Razor 1 : "Pour barbe Dure", no rust !
[Image: IMG_8702.jpg]

Razor 2 : "Tenax" Wolf and Ram, rust on the nose
[Image: IMG_8703.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8705.jpg]

Razor 3 : "Tenax" Wolf and Ram in Thiers Issard box, not so much work needed !
[Image: IMG_8704.jpg]

Razor 4 : "Torpedo", beautiful scales, some stains
[Image: IMG_8706.jpg]

[Image: IMG_8707.jpg]

Razor 5 : identical as razor 1, but different box
[Image: IMG_8708.jpg]

Razor 6 : "Double évidé sonnant" : marked Le Grelot and not Chaussis, some rust spots :
[Image: IMG_8709.jpg]

Razors 7 and 8 : due to cel rot, the blades stuck in the scales and when opening them several years laters, the razors broke !
[Image: IMG_8712.jpg]

Lot of stropping paste (might be too hard now, but those were top notch back then !) :

[Image: IMG_8710.jpg]

Here is a picture galery to see the pictures in full size : http://postimg.org/gallery/1h2x4oke2/

Ok then ! As I said, all these razors need work. Some just a cleaning and honing, some rescaling as well, but all those are NOS, the edges were untouched by rust or hones ! I'm proposing the whole lot for 450$ (was 500$), worldwide shipping included (I live in France), payment through Paypal please.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any query ! In the meantime have a nice day gents Cool

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 07-20-2015, 09:28 AM
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Price drop, the lot is now 450$ (or 290£ or 415€) instead of 500$ !

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 07-25-2015, 12:50 PM
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**SOLD** thanks !

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