07-03-2015, 07:00 PM
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I have two items that I'd like to trade for Fine aftershaves (or feather, polsilver, voskhod blades)

1) Merkur 39c - Purchased new, used it for 5 shaves.  Didn't agree with my neck.
                      - Would like to trade with 3 bottles of Fine after shaves (platinum, L'orange, snakebite, Fresh vetiver any combination of these)

2) CJB kamisori razor - Brand new in box, never used.
                                 - would like to trade with 2 bottles of fine after shaves ( same as above)

I am also interested in speick aftershave splash as well.  And also above the tie handle( preferrably kronos or atlas) 

For sale price for CJB kamisori is $28 shipped CONUS.


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