06-20-2012, 11:26 AM
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[Image: P1240511.JPG?m=1340063635]

I had the chance to test these two limited edition brushes made by Vie Long to http://www.bullgooseshaving.net I already have tried the Vie Long silvertip badger hair,which I consider one of the best luxurious badger hair in the market,but my experience with the only horse hair that I have tried out in the past was really disappointing , terrible actually and since then (2009) haven't even dare to use a horse hair shaving brush,even after reading so many good reviews of them.It seems that this brush have put me on a new track to discover the horse hair shaving brushes.

I also must admit that Im not a big fan of bright color is brushes,and also either a big fan of the "Beehive" style handle (yes,Im pretty classy myself).However,the handle offers a better grip than I thought/expected,easy to hold,and its balance its perfect,being heavy enough,as I like shaving brushes handles.Do I like the color?Well,Its growing on me,I guess,since I have been taking a couple pics of the brushes and they surely looks good.Im black I bet that I would truly like it!!!(did you read that,Phil? Wink )

[Image: P1240504.JPG?m=1340063569]

Here are my impressions about these two shaving brushes made by Vie Long.

Vie Long Silvertip Beehive Butterscotch shaving brush

[Image: P1240509.JPG?m=1340063645]

As I said before,I already knew how good is the silvertip badger hair used by Vie Long in their shaving brushes,and I put it in the top 3 most luxurious types of badger hairs (I still need to try a Simpson super badger band).However,what I didnt expect is that I was gonna like a brush with a knot over 24 mm with this kind of hair.This could be a shaving brush dream for a face latherer looking for "luxury" without empty his pocket.

This brush has a knot of 25 mm and a loft of 48 mm,and due to its hair density (its more packed with hair than regular Vie Long brushes) has a firm backbone but keeping the natural flexibility of its bristles,which gives it a very nice flow.

[Image: P1240513.JPG?m=1340063670]

Also,due to its short loft,the brush hair doesn't blooms too much one its wet,something that,as a face lather,I truly appreciate too.Since the loft is set so short and the tips are so white,its gives the impression that we have a two band badger hair brush,but no,this is silvertip hair.

[Image: P1240522.JPG?m=1340136944]

The brush,like the horse hair one,its a soap killer,I have experience it these past days.Loads soap really easy,but of course,hair a short loft and being so densely packed of hair,makes this task easier than for other silvertip badger hair shaving brushes.

I used Dr Selby Lavender shaving soap for this test and set of pics.In the first pic,I load the brush for 15 seconds and you can see how much soap was capable to pick up :

[Image: P1240532.JPG?m=1340215622]

And as I usually do for test,I started to make lather on the palm on my hand.This is how the lather looks after 30 seconds :

[Image: P1240533.JPG?m=1340215622]

This brush makes lather easily,and why is it that?Well,even when its packed with hair,is not overly packed with it,so its makes easier for the soap to mix with water and air,creating lather much quicker than other shaving brushes,like the shavemac D01 silvertip,which are more densely packed with hair.Also,due to that perfect hair density,its not a lather hog.

Here is a pic of the hair density of this brush :

[Image: P1240535.JPG?m=1340215680]

And after a minute creating lather on the palm on my hand,here is the result :

[Image: P1240534.JPG?m=1340215685]

I didn't even need to add more water (just a couple drops) to the lather,so the brush retains the right amount of water (I just shake it once before I started palm lathering) to create lather.

The combination of super soft velvety tips with a good firmness and flow,makes this brush a pure luxury to use.Yes,I know that I have said the same about a couple others,but this one feels different when its use on the face.No scritch at all,just pure "cloud feel",the kind of brush you love to use for special occasions of just to pamper yourself.As I said,this could be one of the perfect brushes for face latherers who are looking for a luxurious brush but don't want to empty their pockets.

Vie Long Beehive Butterscotch Horse Hair shaving brush

[Image: P1240500.JPG?m=1340063466]

This is the brush that have made me reconcile with horse hair shaving brushes.Well,I only had one experience in the past with horse hair shaving brushes,but it was so bad,that I didnt even think to get another horse hair,until now.

The horse hair shaving brush I tried in the past was floppy as a mop and it was scratchy as the worst pure badger hair you could imagine,so you can guess what a terrible brush was,specially for making lather on the face with circular movements....Angry

Well,this one is totally the opposite,has backbone and also the tips are soft keeping a light scritch,not unpleasant at all.

[Image: P1240526.JPG?m=1340136931]

If the silvertip one is a soap killer due to its loft and hair density,this is a soap mass murderer,due to its natural hair firmness.

Again the same test with the Dr Selby shaving soap.This is a pic after loading the brush for 15 seconds :

[Image: P1240536.JPG?m=1340215665]

and a pic after 30 seconds building lather on my hand :

[Image: P1240537.JPG?m=1340215799]

Its true that this brush doesnt holds water as well as the silvertip one,however,I didnt need to much water either,around 12 drops to make this lather (after a minute) :

[Image: P1240538.JPG?m=1340215848]

and after a minute and a half,I did create a thick lather,with no bubbles at all,but the pic I took was defective and Im too lazy to take a new one,but trust me,its was thick,dense,slick lather,the one most of us like.Biggrin

This horse hair its a combination a regular soft tips and a good amount of backbone.It is like a boar hair?No,is it like a badger hair?No... What is it like, then?Like a combination of boar and badger in certain things but hard to explain.It doesnt have the soft tips of quality badger hair,but either the scratchiness of some boar hair.Its backbone is not as firm as boar hair,but either as floppy as some badger hair with a same loft set up.Im surprise by it,but even when I haven't been fully gained by this hair,I understand why some people like it that much.

Vie Long is truly making some fine brushes and these two are clear examples of that.I consider the Silvertip and two banded badger hair some of the better ones of the market,but their horse hair brushes are making followers every day,and I can now see why.

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 06-20-2012, 12:01 PM
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Great pics and thoughtful review as always, Teiste.

*sigh* I have to go ahead and admit it, I have SBAD. And your description is making the Vie-Long badger look very nice.

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 06-20-2012, 01:25 PM
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Thanks for the review.

I had the natural horse; it was a bit too scritchy for me.

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 06-20-2012, 01:27 PM
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Nice work, Teiste. I think these brushes are quickly becoming value leaders and the bager knots are just exceptional. Glad to own one of each in the Beeehive line! Thumbup

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 06-20-2012, 03:14 PM
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Superb photos and insightful commentary. Tieste, your reviews are a real treat and extremely useful in informing readers of the performance characteristics of a wide range of shaving brushes. I have based several purchase decisions on your reviews and have never been disappointed in the results.

One item of clarification that would be helpful to me pertains to the loft of the silver tip brush. You indicate that the silvertip butterscotch has a 48mm loft but it is listed on the Bullgoose Web site as having a 52mm loft. Is this simply a case of loft variation from brush to brush or is there some other explanation?

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 06-20-2012, 04:54 PM
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Thanks for the review, Teiste.

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 06-20-2012, 05:10 PM
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Amazing pictures and thank you for the reviews.

Now I want a horse hair even more but can't afford to get it into my budget.

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 06-21-2012, 04:42 AM
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Thanks for the excellent review, Teiste. The silvertip is now on my ever-expanding wish list.

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 06-22-2012, 04:16 PM
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I got my Vie Long Beehive Butterscotch horse hair shaving brushes today, looks astonishing.


That lather looks delicious, thanks for the review.

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 06-22-2012, 04:48 PM
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my butterscotch is on order. can't wait.

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 06-22-2012, 05:38 PM
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(06-22-2012, 04:48 PM)DLP Wrote: my butterscotch is on order. can't wait.

You will not be disappointed. I have the butterscotch horsehair and like the original beehive they are fabulous.

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 06-23-2012, 06:12 PM
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Teiste, A thorough review as usual. The horsehair brushes have proved to be a solid performer in the rotation. I am a sucker for the beehive brushes.

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 06-23-2012, 06:23 PM
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Excellent review!

The VieLong horse hair I have seem to need more product than the badgers or the synthetics.

I like the line, "this is a soap mass murderer..."

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 06-24-2012, 03:57 PM
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Nice review!! My brother and I both have Vie-long Horse brushes from Bullgoose....and for me, it it one of the best values out there...I have a Sliver tip and several boar, but my Horsey has become my go to brush for face lathering.

LOVE the look of the butterscotch!

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 06-24-2012, 05:28 PM
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(06-24-2012, 03:57 PM)bluesbishop Wrote: Nice review!! My brother and I both have Vie-long Horse brushes from Bullgoose....and for me, it it one of the best values out there...I have a Sliver tip and several boar, but my Horsey has become my go to brush for face lathering.

LOVE the look of the butterscotch!

I use mine for face or bowl lathering. works great either way.

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 06-24-2012, 07:06 PM
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Vie Long are truly making excellent shaving brushes,and these two are a fine example of that.I find its silvertip one of the most luxurious ones that I have tried so far,and I sometimes wonder where they get their silvertip and two band badger hair.
I know that it comes from China,and also,the Vie Long distributor in the Canary islands (my fatherland) told me back in 2009 that Plisson and Vie Long shared the same badger hair provider/distributor.Well,I dont think thats the case for the HWM or European White types of hair that Plisson uses,since they are the more rare to find badger types of hair,but Joris has some two band badger hair that perform and looks exactly the same than the Vie Long two band hair : I haven't found those particular characteristics of the two band hair used by Vie Long in any other two band hair offer by any of the many brush makers out there,either the silvertip kind.

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 06-27-2012, 04:31 AM
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How does the Silvertip knot compare to a Simpson CH2 Super/Best?

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